The moment I saw that Designated Survivor was a new political thriller featuring Kiefer Sutherland in the lead I had already decided to give it a shot. Kiefer in his last role of Jack Bauer is iconic and he is one actor who is able to consistently deliver a bad-ass persona and keep you entertained week by week, granted the story line supports it. The pilot that just released shows a lot of promise in several categories.

Kiefer Sutherland in some form saving the day/country/world? Check. Interesting characters? Check. A believable story line?  Check! In the world we live in today, the story of the show is chilling and educating. Even though deep down it makes you a little uneasy due to how real it all seems it makes you think, what if? The casting and diversity for Designated Survivor is good too, it features many great actors of color from other good shows from other networks such as Malik Yoba (Empire), Maggie Q (Nikita) and Kal Penn (House).

The episode begins with Tom and his wife chilling with popcorn and beer as they watch the state of the union address. It looks like all is good until suddenly the feed goes out. Cellphones go off and the secret service runs in saying that something has happened, Tom goes to the  window and watches as everyone at the state of  the union including the president  and the entire cabinet have been blown to pieces.

In a traumatic dream like trance Tom is sworn in as president. Shortly after he is sworn in he has a moment in the bathroom where he throws up from the pressure. He is met by Seth who Tom connects with and who writes the first speech of his life to address the country. Next up, Tom has to assert the power that he literally got 10 minutes ago as he has to give orders to staff and the war counsel and stop their bickering. The best part of Tom flexing his new found power was when he called the the Iranian ambassador out in trying to strike the United States while they were in a crisis. The ambassador left with his tail between his legs and I loved it.

This show has all the elements needed to run for multiple seasons. To think that Tom was going to be fired and he is now the president is amazing! Like just imagine your boss says you’re going get fired and then the next day the boss stopes down, and your co-workers put you in charge. Then to add to that Tom hasn’t even held the job for 24 (had to say it) hours and he already has haters scheming against him. All Tom ever wanted was to be a politician that makes a difference. Will he stay true or will he become corrupted with his new power?

I will be sticking around to see where the show will take Tom in this journey. I highly recommend adding this show to your Wednesday must see TV.

Kory FischerKory is a freelance writer and one of the co-founders of Type 4 Naturals, a trio of women who blog about natural hair and other lifestyle topics. Kory has an MBA and currently works full-time in the HR field. Outside of her 9 to 5 and writing she’s a beauty/fashion model, geek, and a foodie.