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It’s Time for President Kirkman’s One Year Review on ‘Designated Survivor’

It’s Time for President Kirkman’s One Year Review on ‘Designated Survivor’

Season 1 of Designated Survivor ended with partial closure, leaving many of us with feelings of anxiety due to all the unanswered questions. Katalan was killed, so all this is over right? Will Lloyd be content traveling the world with fake passports? Is Jason really dead? Will Hannah retire? Will the capital be rebuilt?

Luckily the season 2 opener answered all of my questions, except for one which I will mention last. The capital was rebuilt in a year, which is amazing. It cost a lot for Kirkman to make that happen, the public doesn’t seem to mind, but his political opponents will surely have a field day with that.

Then we are introduced to a new character, Lyor Boone. Emily picks Boone as the new political director. I was intrigued at first and then decided I didn’t like him. At some points, he was funny as his anal habits and persona made Emily, Aaron and Seth squirm. Later he proves to have a genius ability to shape how a politician is perceived, but I still wasn’t impressed. I think what made me really think his character is only here as an annoying filler is when he bought all the cases of Goji Kombucha just so he won’t have to smell it when Emily drinks it. ::Eye Roll:: I then quickly checked his IMDB and see he is only listed to be in 3 episodes, good riddance. 

In Designated Survivor fashion, not only is there drama amongst the White House staff, but other countries continue to test Kirkman’s presidential toughness. A Russian plane with several American citizens is hijacked. This plane was taken for a reason when it is revealed that Kirkman’s best friend is on the plane. Kirkman quickly sees through the game the Ukraine and Russian generals are playing in trying to start a war. Kirkman, tired of people trying to mess with him, proceeds to verbally bitch slap the generals. The icing on the cake is when he dropped receipts on them while speaking in Russian! I slow clapped for that one. Sadly, although most of the passengers got off the plane safely, Kirkman’s best friend died when an oxygen tank exploded. I wonder if that moment will influence Kirkman’s reasoning in future hostage situations?

Finally, we see that, no, Hannah has not retired. She is going after Lloyd who still is up to something, even though Katalan has been killed. She at first appears to be drunk in a bar, but then it is clear she is trying to get into her target’s home. Damien takes her home from the bar to help her, then gets knocked out, only to later appear and reveal that he too is an agent after Lloyd for his crimes committed in London. Hannah and Damien make a cute couple, by the way, although men around her don’t seem to fare well. We all know Chuck will probably die in the friendzone.

Seth (who just joined the beard gang) is burned out and temporarily considers leaving the White House until Emily says she needs him there. Seth needs a love interest and soon — all he does is write speeches and make corny jokes for Emily. I see why he got stressed out, that’s no way to live. Aaron is still waiting in the wings, so there will probably be a love triangle starting up soon. That is, if Emily decides to not have the White House itself as her boyfriend, she’s really coming into her own and now has no problem bossing Seth and Aaron around, I like it.

The episode ends with Lloyd staring down the street and we see that it is at the Capital. This guy will clearly be an ongoing problem for this season. Why won’t he give up? Is someone else pulling his strings?

Also, Jason wasn’t mentioned. No burial, no honorable mention from the president, no nothing. It would be disrespectful of the show to do that to a character who was generally liked. I really hope that he isn’t dead and that he is on Lloyd’s trail.

So far, a great start to season 2. It looks to be a promising season.

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