Meet Dana, a fat bat, avid reader and Halloween enthusiast. She blogs about the exterior representation of the self, its expression through music and aims to put a spotlight on overshadowed alternative folks.





In a dark tower also inhabited by her six-limbed-mad-scientist for a father, Dr. Dillipede, she cooks up vegan madness in an everlasting quest towards a “Healthy Halloween“. When she isn’t concocting something sweetly nutritious, she archives alternative music and rock bands featuring people of color with the help of her politically-correct-punk partner in crime and rad readers.







An obsession with collecting old materials brought on a series of DIY tutorials for the economically restricted like herself as well as a host of style articles.




A book in one hand, tea in the other and ultimate spookster aspirations buzzing under her hair’s ecosystem, Dana’s comics represent the underrepresented. She’s currently working on a set of articles concerning people of color in the Horror genre throughout literature, film and illustrations. She hopes to soon take over the world and make every day International Chocolate Day.




J'encre, donc je suis copyCalyn has been drawing dill cartoons since she was seven years old and continue to write comics to this day. A black American artist living in France, she uses comics to poke fun at both cultures. She  studied at École 42, a school for computer programming and is using the knowledge to mix art and programming.




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