Byron Delima - BGN ProfileName: Byron Delima

Company: So Much Drama! Studios

Job Title & Description: Game Artist. I work on creating 2D and 3D assets for mobile game development.

How long have you been working in the industry? I’ve been working on mobile game development for about 4 years now.

Can you tell us why you chose the industry and the path you took to get there?

Pretty much all of my life, I loved creating artwork. Originally, when I went into undergrad, I aspired to work on 3D animations for film because of my love for Pixar films. It wasn’t until closer to graduation that I took interest in video game art. It seemed like more of a natural fit for me considering I’ve grown up loving and playing video games. I ended up going to grad school to refine my 3D modeling and texturing skills. After grad school, it was a bit of a struggle to “break into” the games industry but I was fortunate to find a studio that I feel is a great fit for me.

What are some career highlights thus far?

Definitely the highlight of my career so far is being able to work on Mean Girls: The Game just because the movie Mean Girls is one of my favorite comedies of all time.

Any lessons learned you like to share with everyone? 

If you’d like to do video game art, pick a skill (modeling, illustration, rigging, animation, texture painting, etc.) and be an expert in that one particular skill. But also be a novice in all the other skills. In video game production, if you’re a modeler once you’ve fulfilled your role the company will no longer have any use for you unless they have another game immediately down the pipeline. If you’re knowledgeable with texture painting and rigging, then you could potentially move over to different roles and thus extending your time with that company.

Links to past projects or a portfolio you’d like to share with the masses? 

My portfolio can be found at

…And since we’re talking games can you tell us some of your favorite games and platforms?

I’ve always been a bit of a Nintendo fanboy so any Nintendo platform is my favorite. The Mario Kart series is probably my top favorite game series with Nintendo’s latest entry, Mario Kart 8, being my favorite.

Any advice you’d like to pass along to someone interested in the biz?

Start small. Find a smaller developer to start out in and build your career from there. By all means, aim high and apply to some of the bigger AAA studios (like EA, Sony, Microsoft, etc). Just know that the AAA market is highly competitive and getting hired in the games industry is very much a “who you know” industry. And with the ease of publishing games in the mobile game market, you’re able to find success working with smaller, lesser-known developers.

Also, I highly recommend attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It’s a great venue to network and connect with people working in the games industry and other people looking to breaking into the industry.

Black Girl Nerds would like to thank Byron for sharing his story!

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