Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Archives Omnibus Volume 3

Writers: Tony Lee, Matthew Dow Smith, Jonathan L. Davis Artists: Al Davison, Blair Shedd, Matthew Dow Smith, Kelly Yates Colorists: Lovern Kindzierski, Charlie Kirchoff, Phil Elliott Letterers: Neil Uyetake & Robbie Robbins


The omnibus collects several storylines for the end IDW’s 10th Doctor run. The Tesseract storyline is the first one. The Doctor is in the Tardis with his new companions – Emily Winter and Matthew Finnegan – when an Acari ship crashes into them, merging with the Tardis. Since the Doctor tends to pick up enemies at a much greater rate than companions, of course the ship is filled with aliens that want him dead. This is an interesting story that explores the nature of the Tardis. My main problem is that the story is overshadowed by my dislike for the art. I’m not as familiar with the companions but I do know Tennant from years of Doctor Who. The character in this story barely recognizable (see image below). I knew him more by his suit than his face.


The art makes a big improvement in the next story – Don’t Step on the Grass. The characters all look like themselves. The colors are gorgeous which is great for such a nature based story. Martha Jones is working with UNIT and calls the Doctor back to Earth to deal with killer trees in Greenwich Park. Martha and the Doctor have history, most of which isn’t pleasant. This story doesn’t shy away from that though I wish Martha read the Doctor for filth during it. Actually, I wish she read several people. Martha was an amazing companion that was poorly used by the writers in the show which affects all other interpretation. I’m biased, I know, but I will always believe Martha deserved better. I’m glad the issue ended with the Doctor acknowledging how much she’s grown and how amazing she is.



Next up is Final Sacrifice. In the last issue, Matthew left the Doctor to travel with the Advocate, an alien from the Tesseract storyline. The Advocate wants the Doctor to suffer like she has. And this girl has suffered! In the last issue, she detailed the horrible experience she went through after the Doctor set off the Moment. In the Final Sacrifice, the Doctor and Emily fight to save Matthew from the her. As if that wasn’t enough, they have to deal with a planet-wide civil war and Edwardian Torchwood agents, who of course want to arrest the Doctor. The prelude, which featured a companion from the Doctor’s future delivering a message from the Doctor in the past, was my favorite part of this storyline for the bittersweet interaction between the companion and the Doctor.


The omnibus ends with the 3 stories from the 2010 Doctor Who Annual. The fourth and last story is the prelude to the Final Sacrifice storyline. In the first story, the Doctor has to convince a Safety Patrol officer that the Tardis isn’t a weapon. The second story is my favorite in the entire omnibus. A man on the run from aliens narrates the story. He’s caught glimpses of the Tardis all of his life but is unsure of what it is. It turns out that he’s a living weapon with the power to send the Earth back to the Dark Ages. It’s a simple, quick story but perfectly illustrates the kindness and the protective nature of the Doctor, who watched over this man since childhood and worked to find a way to save him until the very end. These are the traits that transfer to every incarnation of the Doctor and it was nice to be reminded of that at the end of the 10th Doctor’s run. The 3rd story is To Sleep, Perchance to Scream. Ever wonder what the Doctor’s dreams are like? Surreal, at times scary, filled with guilt, and all around strange. The story ends with a surprise appearance by my favorite Doctor. This omnibus goes on sale July 13th. Check it out.


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