Let’s recap issue 2.1. The Doctor is traveling with Alice Obiefune, a former library assistant. Both were captured by the Overcast, a race that has found the Doctor guilty of the genocide of their race and causing a deadly curse called The Malignant. The Doctor and Alice manage to escape and meet a new or I guess old companion called The Squire. She’s an old woman in armor who travelled with the War Doctor which is all kinds of awesome. Of course, that wasn’t enough running for their lives so the issue ends with them hiding in the Tardis from a bounty hunter called The Then and The Now who was hired by the Overcast to serve their punishment on the Doctor. This name either sounds like an assassin from a 70s martial arts movie or a spaghetti western. Either way I want to steal it.


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Issue 2.2 opens with a close up on Abslom Daak, a human with a vendetta against Daleks for killing his wife and now spends his time killing them with a chainsaw while also carrying around his dead wife’s coffin. My love for 80s fantasy is not a secret so of course I was all over this character and his introduction. He managed to get into the Tardis at the perfect time with the help of a vortex manipulator (a.k.a quick and dirty timetravel used previously by Jack Harkness and River to get around) and plans on collecting the bounty on the Doctor.


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We learn more about The Then and The Now, which was once a person that used a time machine to destroy his own ancestry thus turning it into a walking paradox. We also learn more about the Doctor’s ‘crimes’. In an amphitheater filled with the Overcast, images of their gods are summoned followed by their deaths. In two beautiful panels, we see first the despair of the Overcast over losing their gods which led to the creation of the deadly curse, the Malignant, and then their anger over the culprit. “Say the name of the killer now! The great murderer of the Timewar,” the speaker calls out. The speech bubble hangs over the Doctor’s saddened face. He along with Alice and the Squire are in the amphitheater watching these events. So how do they,  escape? Pick up issue 2.2 out Wednesday, November 4th, and find out. Until then, check out this great interior art!


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