Let’s break down what happened on Supergirl’s fight club episode:

  • J’onn and M’gann

J’onn tries to connect with M’gann using the Martians mean of communication “taking the bond” (giggles) where they share their innermost thoughts and experiences. Seeing as she just met him, M’gann isn’t having it. After the fight club fiasco, Alex lets Hank know that M’gann is one of the aliens participating. J’onn and M’gann get into a fight about her, well her fighting, and she tells him to stay away from her.

Hank goes looking for M’gann again to apologize, but he gets attacked and captured by Roulette and her men. Alex, Kara, and Winn go on a search for Hank but he’s nowhere to be found and the fight club is gone. Kara uses her connection with Lena Luthor to find the next location for the fight. Lena apparently went to school with Roulette and give Kara the address, with the impending expectation that this favor will be returned. J’onn is forced to fight M’gann in the ring but refuses and he tells her to let go of her guilt for surviving, and she refuses to kill him.   

Hank and Megan apologize and Hank tells her that he’s here for her if she needs him. After he leaves her apartment, Megan reveals herself to be a white Martian, a surprise to no one.

  • Alex and Maggie go on a work date

When Maggie finds a dead alien body, she calls in Alex for backup on the case. They realize that the alien was murdered by another alien. Maggie gets an inside tip and the two go on a date… I mean undercover as spectators in what turns out to be an alien fight club. Supergirl comes to break up the fight and gets her but whooped. Supergirl later confronts Roulette and tries to shut her down, but Roulette isn’t afraid of her because she’s just doing business and she has rich people behind her.

When M’gann refuses to kill J’onn Roulette sends Draaga to finish the job, Supergirl comes to stop him utilizing the tips Mon-El gave her from an earlier talk. After Kara defeats Draaga, Alex and Maggie go after Roulette who is being guarded by the aliens that fight for her. Supergirl gives an inspirational talk (Kara should put inspirational talks under skills on her resume) and the aliens stand down.

Unfortunately, Roulette is set free, because high friends in high places, and Alex finds out that Maggie has a girlfriend much to our (her and my) dismay (more her than mine really, I kind of saw it coming).

  • Mon-El hangs out with Winn
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Mon-El is tired of hanging out in a dirty dungeon and being tested as a lab rat. He tries and succeeds in convincing Winn take him out for a night on the town. It turns out Mon-El is a complete frat boy, he ends up in a bar fight and breaks a guy’s arm.

Mon-El realizes that his powers are dangerous for humans, and gives Kara some fighting tips when she faces Dragga. Kara agrees to release Mon-El under her custody because her original job was to help Clark, which she can now actually do with him.

Questions and Comments

  • Maggie’s line: “You wanna see a dead body” made me think of Kendrick’s verse in Nosetalgia.
  • If M’gann has been on earth for 300 years how long has J’onn been there? Have they been black this entire time?
  • Holo-mom is back! Her moment with Kara was precious, her racist moment with Mon-El? Not so much.
  • Kara using Supergirl as her source is totes unethical. Nellie Bly and Alice Dunnigan are probably rolling in their graves.

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