These days it is really important to keep it real with yourself, while at the same time incorporating daily doses of self-care.

After watching the #Wigs episode I was reminded of a phrase that I constantly remind myself of which is “I’m Gonna Make It Do What It Do!!” If you have ever seen the movie Ray (starring Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles) this phrase will sound very familiar. Can you recall the last time you made a bold move to either impress a friend, partner, boss, family member, or to just simply get some attention? [Raises Hand High to the Sky!!] Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all had that one case…some more extreme than others. Well we are finally seeing Nyaomi gradually come to grips with what she must do with this “relationship” with Austin, and at the same time trying to figure out what’s next in her life. Enter Stage Left…”The Wig”…I must admit I was a little taken aback with this impulse buy, but I totally empathize with her situation. Let’s not forget this is one move that has resulted from a domino effect of events.

She has no job (although no one knows that), she has a very unique and peculiar relationship with her mother, and an even more strained one with Austin. Nyaomi’s “relationship” with Austin seems to be riding on a fine line that is on the verge of being cut at a moment’s notice. So why not try to spice it up with a blonde wig, at this point she has nothing to lose. I’m not even mad at Nyaomi for going out on a limb and see what she can make happen. Unfortunately, the wig and the spontaneous, kinky gesture falls flat. But you know what you cannot blame Nyaomi for making the effort. At least she has a clearer picture on what is left of her and Austin, if anything. The ending of that situation set the stage for the first steps of happiness and self-care.

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Good-Bye Blondie…Hello #Jackson!! So what do you after an embarrassing and sad break-up, you find another Bae, or something like that lol. Nyaomi wastes no time pushing Austin out of her memory and life and moves onto ‘something new.’ Now although she is in search for ‘something new’ it’s not an easy task. It’s not like you can just randomly find another Bae and start anew…or can you? The #Jackson episode reopened my eyes to an idea that is very important, after a break-up regardless of the type one must give themselves time to heal. You can’t get back behind the wheel if you are still uneasy, shaky, and not 100% ready. Now I am no counselor but based on life experiences it is important to implement some heavy doses of “ME” time. There’s no judgement that follows, as a matter of fact, your circle will most likely understand it and encourage it.

However, Nyaomi on the other hand somewhat dives back into the pool (of dating). What is interesting is that she comes out of the situation with an unexpected peace of mind. Jackson who serves as the conduit of change provides a series of numerous gems that bring light to her situation. He offers a comfortable, friendly face. He is a shining example of transparency (highlighting his own faults). And as a bonus, it does not hurt that Jackson is ‘easy on the eyes’. On this one date, Nyaomi begins to be brutally honest with herself and realize what she needs to do with her life. In a nutshell, as Jackson exits out the car from collecting his fee, he drops the biggest of all gems on Nyaomi…”Take Care of Yourself…” [DROPS MIC]…Those four simple words hold a lot of power, self-care is essential to one’s happiness.


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You may pay spend $18 on a piece of material that serves a temporary purpose, but self-care has no $ amount attached. Nyaomi’s story serves as an example of trial and error, the great thing is that you get to try again and see what results you get. When it is all said and done, make it do what it do and don’t forget to add that self care.

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