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7 Things We Learned About ‘Doctor Who’ actor Matt Smith at DragonCon 2017

7 Things We Learned About ‘Doctor Who’ actor Matt Smith at DragonCon 2017

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Every year, DragonCon’s BritTrack celebrates all things related to pop culture across the pond. The programming is packed with panels about TV shows from current hits including Orphan Black and Poldark to old favorites like Red Dwarf. But, the track has a special affinity for the iconic British science fiction series Doctor Who. This year, BritTrack brought back its infamous Doctor Who ball and gave fans a Pond family reunion with actors Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor), Karen Gillian (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), and Alex Kingston (River Song). Billie Piper, who portrayed Ninth/Tenth Doctor companion Rose Tyler, also made a brief appearance on Sunday.

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith chats about his post-Who career


Matt Smith brought out a massive crowd on Saturday afternoon during his hour-long solo Q&A panel. The actor and avid soccer player entertained the audience with his quick wit and infectious personality. Here are 7 of the most interesting tidbits from his panel:

1. Prince Phillip and The Doctor have something in common


He kicked off the session by talking about his current role as Prince Phillip in Netflix’s period drama The Crown. Smith said the prince was an alien in his environment much like The Doctor. He also knew his character in The Crown was not as beloved as the Eleventh Doctor, but he was up for the challenge of playing a real person.


2. Matt had a vision for the Eleventh Doctor and advice for Twelve


When he was announced as the next Doctor, Smith said everyone had an opinion for how he should approach the role. But, he had a vision and he wanted Eleven to be clumsy and a bit mad with the propensity to have a streak of anger. He said it was the role of a lifetime and when his time came to an end he had only one piece of advice for his successor Peter Capaldi – listen to no one.


3. He’d love to have sweets galore in the TARDIS


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Of course, the children in the room were in awe of their Doctor and rushed forward to ask him questions. One of the most interesting exchanges was between him and a young boy who wanted to know what room the Eleventh Doctor would add to the TARDIS.


Smith answered the fan’s question with a speedy, convoluted answer much like the Eleventh Doctor as he named rooms with animals and ceilings that rained endless candy.


4. Matt wants to send The Doctor to therapy


Another audience member asked what episode Matt would like to see on Doctor Who and he replied that he’d love to see The Doctor in therapy because he needs it. Most of the audience laughed, but Matt rationalized his thoughts by bringing up The Doctor’s tragic past.

“The Doctor has so much blood on his hands and has left so many people behind. That’s why he uses humor to deal with stuff.” -Matt Smith

5.  Vincent and The Doctor makes him feel the feels


Matt Smith said the tearjerking episode has a special place in his heart and thought it was nice to see Vincent experience others enjoying his work. He also said one of his favorite overall episodes is Second Doctor serial “Tomb of the Cybermen.”


6.  Bowties are cool but Matt can’t tie one


The secret is out: Matt Smith cannot tie a bowtie. Yes, the bowtie was a staple in his wardrobe as The Doctor but they were clip-ons. It’s okay Doctor, you are still the coolest bowtie wearer across space and time.


7.  He’s a dreamer at heart


 Smith loved all of the Doctor cosplay in the room and believes adults should spend more time dressing up and in our imaginations to find reprieve from the world. Luckily, we have shows like Doctor Who to make escapism easy!

Written by: Tai Gooden

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  • The Netflix series is called The Crown not Victoria.

    Thanks for the write up. I enjoyed Matt Smith as the Doctor.

  • you are was revealed as the Eleventh Doctor in the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who in January 2009?

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