From writer/producer Yonas Michael (#PrettyPeopleProblems and Issa Rae’s Michelle Obama Diaries) comes the groundbreaking new web series DRTY DIANA, a dark comedy coming to the newly-launched website as well as The 8-part web series launches its premiere episode “Isolate” on Sunday, June 21, 2015, with a new 8-12 minute episode following every other Sunday through September 2015.


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The series marks a new direction for former Issa Rae Productions staff writer Yonas Michael and an onscreen debut for Atlanta-based actress Cassi Maddox. As the latest in a trend of character-driven series championing strong, complex Black women (Scandal, Being Mary Jane, How To Get Away With Murder), DRTY DIANA flips the script with a darker take on today’s millennial woman, exploring image, sex, and living in the age of the digital lie.


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Lead character Nyaomi has much in common with her predecessors but is distinctly alternative, from everything to her musical tastes and anti-social tendencies. The series follows Nyaomi as she walks away from a corporate career in ad sales with no direction or plan for the future. Instead, she retreats into herself; building lies upon lies, alienating her friends, avoiding her self-involved mother, and indulging in unhealthy relationships. The first season explores the depths of her secret personality crisis, as the truth about the elusive “Diana” slowly creeps to the surface.


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DRTY DIANA marks Generalization Y’s continued development of new media projects and provides an enhanced viewing experience with fully-integrated social media platforms, such as shared music playlists with partnered bands on Soundcloud and #DRTYFridays sneak peeks on Instagram each week. In the coming months, the cast and crew will participate in Google Hangouts and forthcoming Twitter accounts to engage with the viewership, discuss episodes in-depth and bring Diana to life on the web.

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Nyaomi (Cassi Maddox) was a music journalist and self-professed afro-punk rocker living in New York, on the verge of something big. Then, nothing. Now, one year after moving back to her hometown and taking a job in ad sales, Nyaomi has abruptly quit her nine-to-five and barricaded herself in the lies she’s spun. Her friends think she’s started a new job, her college boyfriend-with-benefits thinks she has it all together, and her mother is too wrapped up in becoming a Bravo reality star to see the signs. Through strange and unusual measures, Nyaomi tries to make sense of her life, her identity and the person she wants to be. Enter Diana. Ashley Klanac (Invisible The Film), Joseph Shepherd (The Extra Bad Movie, Keywords), and Alexandria Givens co-star.

About the Cast

CASSI MADDOX (Nyaomi) is a theatrical actress based in Atlanta, GA. A Performing Arts and African American Studies graduate, Cassi has starred in southeast productions such as Hurricane Church, Neophobia, Carnival Medea, and For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide. She has appeared in the film Saudade and DRTY DIANA is her first onscreen lead role. Cassi is a finalist in Irene Ryan’s Acting Scholarship Competition and nominated in the Kennedy Center American Theatre Festival for her work in Carnival Medea.

ASHLEY KLANAC (Jess) is an actress and producer based in New York, NY. As a Stanislavsky-trained actress in both film and theatre, Ashley has starred in numerous plays and films in both Atlanta and New York, as well as worked nationally as a renowned voice coach. She has been recognized for her work as the lead in The Girl for Jordan and Lance Brittan’s The Downwinders, as well as her turn as producer in the upcoming Invisible: The Film. Ashley is represented by Carole Ingber, Ingber & Associates.

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JOSEPH SHEPHERD (Austin) is an actor and online personality based in Atlanta, GA. He has featured in episodes of The Walking Dead, Meet The Browns, and reality TV series Keywords. He has also worked as a host to musical acts in his Youtube series Joseph Shepherd Presents… and as an audience coordinator for ABC’s The View. He currently stars in the upcoming film The Extra Bad Movie.

ALEXANDRIA GIVENS (Callie) is an actress based in Atlanta, GA. A newcomer to the film and TV industry, Alexandria has most recently been featured in MTV’s Finding Carter.

About the Creator

YONAS MICHAEL is a writer and producer living in Atlanta, GA. His directorial debut, Sophomores: Murphy’s Law, saw a limited theatrical release in 2011, followed by a string of short films and web series for Generalization Y Entertainment. In L.A., he was featured in Issa Rae’s The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and worked as a staff writer on her follow-up The Michelle Obama Diaries. Yonas has worked for MTV’s Series Development as an assistant on the scripted series Awkward, at Blumhouse Productions and currently coordinates regional promotions for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Cast: Cassi Maddox, Ashley Klanac, Alexandria Givens, Joseph Shepherd and Lynnette Doby

Directed By: Luis Lopez

Written By: Yonas Michael

Produced By: Dalena Huynh, Luiz Lopez, Anjeli Singh, Michelle Rafferty

Executive Produced By: Yonas Michael

Production Designer: Danica Call, Tori McKelvey

Music By: Alchemy, Surfer Ram


Official Website:

Twitter: @iamdrtydiana



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