Ahh…Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – a ridiculous movie that was every Gen-X weed head’s life back in 1989. I know, I know – we didn’t see them smoke at any point during that movie – but, let’s be honest with each other, they are the younger brothers of Ridgemont High School’s legendary Jeff Spicoli.

bill and tedStarring my high school crush, Keanu Reeves, and Alex Winter (I liken him to the Brian Dunkleman to Keanu’s Ryan Seacrest ) as two idiots who are finding themselves thisclose to failing out of high school and in desperate need to pass their upcoming history test.

During a trip to the local Circle K, these two wanna-be rock stars stumble upon a time traveling phone booth, and George Carlin (one of the greatest comedians of all time), who give them the best, and most memorable all-nighter ever. Actually, I kinda wish there was a Circle K where I went to college. I may have done better on some of those tests.

Truthfully, this is a hilarious movie that still holds up, even after 26 years. I’d put this on my “It’s a channel-surfing day and this movie makes me laugh” list. Pay attention, you’ll see some greats make random appearances (especially, if you happen to know rock classics).

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