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Did the Ends Justify the Means on the Latest ’24: Legacy’?

Did the Ends Justify the Means on the Latest ’24: Legacy’?

As each episode of 24: Legacy progresses, the tension mounts and the stakes get increasingly higher and higher.

From minute one of this ep, I was filled with tension hoping that Andy would keep it together because he’s in a position that he never trained for. Following last week’s exchange, Nicole urges Isaac to go back for Eric because Eric would never turn his back on his brother. When Jadalla’s goons catch up with them Isaac fights back, kills one and shoots the other in his knees. I loved this scene because not only was Isaac kicking butt, but he was thinking ahead, knowing he’d need a hostage to obtain Jadalla’s location. Nicole was effective also, she didn’t just cower and quiver in fear, she fought back, she is no damsel in distress, she speaks her mind and acts to protect herself.

Poor Andy got his own dose of enhanced interrogation and it was tough to see. He’s an analyst, not a field trained agent. He’s trained to sit behind a desk, not in a chair getting stabbed. When that knife went through his thigh, I screamed and cringed; Dan Bucatinski really sold that scene, oy vey.

John finally arrives at the black site where Rebecca and Tony are holding Henry for interrogation and he asks Rebecca to let him go, because he can’t stand to see his father being tortured. In this particular scene I was really torn with the moral dilemma being presented. Is it OK to perform enhanced interrogation to obtain information that is known to prevent an imminent terrorist attack? Even though 24 Legacy is a fictional reality, we know these things have happened, and the way it’s addressed here is realistic, it’s the age-old question of “does the end justify the means”?  John asks Rebecca if this is what she did as director of CTU, but I found him to be condescending to her when his own father is sitting there because he betrayed soldiers and caused the deaths of 187 people for his own greed. I wished she had told John to go and take several seats for that.

Eric attempts to set off a grenade in an effort to prevent Andy being forced to activate the list, but alas it was a fruitless attempt. Eric shows that he is literally willing to put his life on the line to prevent Jadalla obtaining the list from Andy. With each episode I’m becoming more impressed with Corey Hawkins, he is able to walk the very thin line between being expressive without being overly dramatic, and that’s very impressive.

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Back at CTU, an air strike is ordered to take out Jadalla’s hideout, to kill everyone inside including Andy and Eric. As Keith relays this information to Thomas, Mariana (Carol Pena) another analyst, sends a covert message to an outside contact. I always thought she paid attention just a bit too closely to what Keith and Rebecca were doing. And my suspicions were confirmed when a new character Nasir (the oh so sexy Oded Fehr) is introduced and immediately takes control of the situation away from Jadalla. Just before the air strike occurs, Isaac and his hood squad turn up by literally driving through a wall and give the only drive-by I would approve of. As everyone starts shooting at each other, chaos erupts when the CTU’S team performs their air strike.

When the dust settles, Andy is found outside clutching his laptop, and Eric runs back inside to look for Isaac and Jadalla. Unfortunately, as Eric questions Jadalla about Nasir, he escapes with the flash drive out a window.

Additional thoughts on this episode:

1.  John needs to stop being naive and realize that his father is a traitor and is keeping dangerous secrets.
2.  Mariana is up to no good, and I think Nasir is who she has been communicating with.
3.  Nicole is my chick, she’s ride or die for her man, but she needs to realize some things are above her level, and rolling up on a bunch of terrorists is that level.
4.  Oded Fehr continues to get finer with time, that man is and forever will be bae. 😉

Carolyn Hinds is a Bajan living in Toronto, who loves books, T.V. shows, movies, random facts, and books P.S. Black don’t crack, it bends(c).

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