Written by Edward Anthony

Last year (June 2015), I wrote and published my first novel, Taylor Made. It was the introduction of the book’s main character, Ebony Taylor. Her story takes place in middle-class New Orleans, LA. It starts with her life as a high school senior; she will take you on a journey as she experiences the ebbs and flows of daily life while making the tough transition from adolescence to womanhood.




The essence of Ebony — even in her teenage years — is that she’s mature and wise beyond her years. She’s intelligent, enterprising, and has a laser-focus that rivals with most adults. She comes from a strong family background with solid, supportive parents who laid the foundation for their children to not only be successful, but also smart, vigilant, and persevering.

Aside from fulfilling a life-long goal of becoming an author/writer, one of the things that motivated me to write this book was to create a character that represented blacks in a positive light. As I explained in this YouTube video, too often, we are portrayed in a manner that is negative, demeaning, and stereotypical. Overall, I believe this is a story that is a good, intellectual, and compelling read. Readers will absolutely love and embrace Ebony Taylor, once they get to know her. This book is strong enough for a man, but it’s “Taylor Made” for a woman.



Here are some links provided with the book’s description, and a sample, as well as my author Q & A and social media links.






Illustrations by Edward Anthony (featured photo) and Liana Craig (cover art)



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