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The opening is Alex’s mom and dad fighting and Alex taking the shot.  She wakes up from the dream and starts training. Liam is walking everyone up and Alex is already out the door. Shelby tells her that she’s making them look bad, in a joking manner. 1/2 of Nimah is texting her sister, worried. Ryan pulls Alex to the side and tells her to not worry about her father. Alex says she’s not and keeps it moving.

The recruits are at gun targeting practice and Alex is doing great. So great that the trainer says something. Shelby is talking about Alex always training and seems to be jealous of her. Don’t be mad because you can’t do it. 9 months later, Alex is still working to figure it all out and Simon walks in. She tells him everything she’s figured out and tells Simon they need a bomb technician. Simon gets a phone call and its his boss. He tells him that agents will be there in 60 seconds. Back to the academy, Miranda is asking Nimah about her sister and she reminds them that they have to be 2 people. Liam tells Ryan that he has to make Alex quit the academy.  She’s been flagged as an unfit candidate for the FBI. Ryan is not happy about this but since he’s a robot, he has to do it. Miranda tells the recruits that they will get a chance to know what it feels to be on the FBI’s most elite team. Will they freeze or fire? Later, Natalie and Ryan are talking and she makes Alex look like the bad guy and Ryan is trying to give the benefit of the doubt. We find out that something happened between Natalie and Ryan. Oh so he sleep with everyone. Alex is tired of waiting and wants to go. Simon says no until he gets text messages from Booth telling him they know where they are. Booth keeps texting him.




Then we see the head of the FBI texting someone and they are in a world of debt, as Booth sees that its Simon through a mirror. Booth asks him about it and Alex asks what’s wrong. Simon says they have to leave now.  The FBI is pissed that Alex escaped from them. The boss is telling Liam that someone on his team tipped her off. Liam states that it wasn’t from his team and asks how long Simon had been on the team. What!? He didn’t know? Hmmm. The boss tells him that he’s been undercover for months. Liam takes the recruits to Hogan’s Alley. He tells them that their mission is to improve their performance by shooting the bad guy on sight. Natalie fells the need to tell everyone that because she had a “battle scar” she’s better at this. Shelby shades the mess out her and keeps it moving. Alex is over confident at this point and is low-key doing the most. Miranda tells them that their job is to neutralize all threats.

Booth and Simon are doing great. Nimah is doing terrible. Alex takes things into her own hands and Miranda tells her to be a team player.  This man is still questioning Simon and his past. Shelby tells Alex that she need to be a team player. Shelby tells her that she’s running from something and Alex brings up her late night phone call. FBI vehicles come out and the them that there is a hostage situation in the building and that they are going in. Shelby is talking to Ryan about Alex and he tells her that Alex shot her father. Oh okay Booth, have diarrhea of the mouth with every pretty girl you see. The recruits are getting the information of the scene and a sniper starts shooting. Later, Alex and Simon are walking to Simon’s bomb maker friend. They are both inside the house. Simon and the man start talking. The man asks Simon if he was involved in GCS bombing after their “conversations.” Simon tries to play it off. The man says they can trace it to a military company. Wyatt company. Alex looks at Simon and says “Shelby’s company?” Oh this is about to get good! I knew Shelby wasn’t any good.

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QUANTICO - "Kill" - At Quantico, the recruits are tasked with performing a hostage rescue training exercise that shakes Alex, making her question her ability and whether she should quit Quantico. While in the future, Alex continues to search for clues, finding one that questions the innocence of one of her closest classmates. But is her clue really what she thinks? No one is who they seem, on "Quantico," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Phillipe Bosse) JAKE MCLAUGHLIN, JOHANNA BRADDY

Simon and Alex are in Shelby’s house looking for evidence. Simon finds a plane ticket and they think she’s going to run. Simon questions this and she tells him that she found out a lot about Shelby after he left. At the academy, Natalie misses the target sniper but Shelby hits it on point.  Then we see Miranda at the other half of Nimah’s house. Nimah says she’s not enough and wants to know why they are there. The recruits go inside the building and Booth tells her to come with him. Nimah is worried and Caleb tells her to let him think for her. She does it and walks up the stairs. Alex does her own thing and her and Booth run off.  Alex ask him if its clear. Its clearly not, but Booth tells her it is. Alex sees the target and sees her parents. Alex has officially frozen. Later, they hear a car at Shelby’s place and Shelby comes in. They both has guns ready to go. Shelby better have this bob. It looks nice on her, makes her look older, but nevertheless nice.

Shelby and Alex are talking and Shelby tells Simon that he was supposed to give her to the FBI. Now Alex looking at Simon crazy. He tells her that he doesn’t think she’s guilty. Shelby calls her a terrorist and Alex says that she never meant to out what really happened to her parents.  Shelby tells Alex to let her take her to the FBI. At the academy, Alex doesn’t take the shot and Booth gets shot. Nimah is the savior of the day.

Liam shames Alex for what she did. Miranda is telling her story to Nimah. Its about her son. Her son got in contact with some extremist and posed a threat to his school. Miranda hopes that he’s doesn’t get parole. Miranda tells her that this is why they are there. Nimah apologizes for letting her emotions get in the way and Miranda tells her not too. Alex walks out crying and she wants to quit. Booth tries to talk her out of it. Later, we see Booth come into Shelby’s house and pull a gun out on Shelby. Shelby is confused at it all and puts her gun down.  Simon takes it and Alex takes Shelby. Booth tells her to come with him but she says no. Booth and Simon leave and Shelby and Alex are fighting. Shelby puts handcuffs on Alex and wants to take her in. Now Alex, how were you the number 1 recruit and number 1 in your class and you let SHELBY beat you. Where they do that at?




Alex gets back up to fight and beats Shelby down. In my opinion, Shelby is just a little bit TOO angry at Alex. It’s all that built up jealously. Alex asks her the car keys and they hide inside while the FBI go inside the house. At the academy, Elias is at Simon’s door asking more questions about who Simon really is. Elias tells him that he’s a warning sign for America and that he needs to tell the truth or he’ll bring his case to Miranda. Nimah is back at the academy. One of them doesn’t want to get lost in trying to be one person. The other tells them that Miranda has a plan. Miranda and Booth are in her office and Alex comes in. Miranda asks her why she froze and she tells her that she saw her father. She also tells her that she is the one that killed her father. Miranda tells Alex that her father had a bad reputation. Booth steps in and states that being a good agent doesn’t mean you’re a good person. Miranda tells Alex that this is not the time to quit and she made the right choice. While they are talking, Liam is walking by and sees them. Booth sees him and closes the door. SHADY! BOOTS! Yes Booth. Do the right thing.

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Alex returns to her room to apologize to Shelby for her behavior. Shelby wants to play 2 truths and 1 lie. we find that she didn’t vote for Obama. What girl? Bye! The truth is that the phone is call is to her half-sister and the FBI doesn’t know about it. Alex tells her that she shot her father. This a nice moment of bonding but Shelby still can’t be trusted. Booth is brushing his teeth and she thanks him for what he’s done for her. They do a little flirting and she walks out. Miranda is telling them that they have a long journey ahead of them. We see Simon add a friend request to some boy on social media and Elias is watching until Simon sees him. Alex calls her mom and tells the truth about joining the FBI. That’s right Alex, tell your truth. Caleb is out shooting and Shelby shows up. Booth goes to Liam about doing things off book. Booth ask about where the order came from and he wants to stop this. Liam tells him that he has to keep going because he lied to him. Liam states that Booth is not undercover but that he is retraining and one more mess up and he will be out. so let me get this straight, Booth is already an agent? What?!



What did he do is the next question really. Miranda is listening to their conversation by phone call. Oh shoot. Later, Simon is at the FBI station and Booth comes in pissed. Simon tells him that they could all be in trouble. So Booth ask what’s next and Natalie is watching them. Meanwhile, Alex still has Shelby captive and asks about the wire. Shelby won’t speak about it and Alex says she will wait. Back at the station, the head of the FBI tells everyone that now Alex is at a shoot to kill status. Booth looked scared. Oh this was something good. I really don’t know what Alex has up her sleeve but she need to get Jesus on the mainline and tell him what she wants because she is SOL at this point. Alex needs the entire universe on her side because its not looking pretty.

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