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Everything That Comics Have Taught Us to Expect From ‘Invincible’ Season 2

Everything That Comics Have Taught Us to Expect From ‘Invincible’ Season 2

Invincible, the adult animated superhero series, has become a household name ever since the release of its first season on Amazon Prime in 2021. It’s an atypical superhero origin story that follows Mark Grayson, a seemingly ordinary teenager who discovers that he, like his father Omni-Man, also has superpowers. He also discovered his father is an alien with an agenda to assimilate Earth into the Viltrum Empire. With Season 2 already fast approaching, it’s time to discuss what we could expect from the upcoming season.

But before we dive into Season 2’s expectations, let’s remember what happened in Season 1 of Invincible, which ended on a cliffhanger. In the finale episode, Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson, voiced by Spider-Man’s J.K. Simmons, seemingly abandoned his mission of assimilating Earth after severely beating Invincible/Mark Grayson, his son, who refused to help him in his mission. It also revealed why Omni-Man was systematically taking out anyone who could even come close to opposing him.

It’s worth noting that Invincible very closely adheres to its source material for the most part with only minor deviations from the comic book narrative. When the announcement of the second season came, the fans immediately reached for their graphic novels to find out exactly what would happen next. One thing’s for sure; considering that the show is produced by Amazon Studios and Skybound North, we can expect the same high-quality animation we saw in the first seasons.

Beyond that, the narrative should continue where the previous season left off; Omni-Man was last seen conquering another planet, Mark has recovered from the beatdown he received from his father, and he continues to balance his life as a high-school teenager and a superhero. His transformation to a full-fledged superhero is one of the main focuses of the comic book, so we can expect more character development, especially in terms of navigating relationships with his friends and coping with the revelation of his father’s true intentions.

Mark’s relationships with other characters, especially Amber and William, are also vital aspects of Mark’s journey in the comics. The upcoming season might explore the challenges of being a superhero teenager who also has to maintain personal relationships and appearances and how everything evolves over time. Of course, one of the biggest questions is Mark’s relationship with his father and what exactly will become of them. So, fans are also hoping to see the resolution of that particular storyline in the upcoming season.

Omni-Man did betray the Viltrumite Empire by abandoning his mission and conquering another planet instead, perhaps in an attempt to lessen his punishment. Still, the Viltrumite Empire comes into contact with Earth and its heroes. The Viltrumite Civil War is a significant plotline in the Invincible comics because it sets the stage for new alliances and more intense battles and allows Mark to confront his father’s past and the entire grim legacy of his people, the Viltrumites. Given that the show has already been renewed for Season 3, it’s likely that Season 2 will only serve as kindling for a larger narrative conflict.

However, Flaxans are most likely to be the next Big Bad, perhaps along with Omni-Man, of the upcoming season, as they appeared relatively early in the comic book series. Like most alien races in fiction, Flaxans are also looking to invade and conquer Earth, and they’re actually a credible threat to the planet and its superheroes. This invasion of Earth in the comics led to some of the most intense and action-packed scenes, and those who actually read the comic book series eagerly anticipate the introduction of the Flaxans on the screen. Likewise, the second season is also likely to introduce more new heroes now that most heroes defending Earth are dead. In fact, Omni-Man killed six Guardians of the Globe members with ease in the first episode alone.

So, we can expect the arrival or re-appearance of new characters from the source material. This also includes Allen the Alien, who was introduced in Season 1. He and Mark become close friends in the comics, so we can expect to see him in a more prominent role. The Invincible comic has a vast array of superhero characters, and though Season 1 had already introduced a few, others are yet to make their appearance. At the same time, fans hope to see Robot, Monster Girl (an obvious take on the Hulk), and Black Samson return in the second season.

In the end, we can say that Season 1 only laid the groundwork for establishing the Invincible universe, and Season 2 is expected to build the foundation for further expansion of the IPs universe. So far, the series only covered some 13 issues of the Invincible comic book series, comprised of 144 issues total, so there’s still plenty of material to adapt.

This gives creators plenty of source material to draw from to appease the demanding fandom, which has some high expectations from the upcoming Season 2. Luckily, the animated series has stayed faithful to the source material so far, meaning that the upcoming season is likely to expand the current narrative by introducing even more villains and allies while still following Mark’s ongoing character development and his evolution as Invincible. You can watch Invincible on Prime Video.

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