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The Expanse: Pick A Side Trailer & Analysis

The Expanse: Pick A Side Trailer & Analysis

Three main characters including one we haven’t met yet address the viewer head on, making a case for the legitimacy of their territory’s rule. The fourth, makes a case for cooperation. It makes sense that Naomi is the voice of Belters, and it underlines her character growth over the first season. In the beginning I just got the impression that she was trying to get by without much fuss. As the episodes went on, Dominique Tipper weaved a gentle humanity in Naomi’s stern leadership. I look forward to seeing her infused with righteous purpose, on a path to defend her home.

Holden wanting everyone to get along seems interesting for sure. Considering his beginnings and his quest to get as far away from them as he can, it make sense that he wants to put an end to the generation conflicts plaguing humanity. He’s also carrying a huge backpack of guilt over starting the series of unfortunate events that his crew has endured. I’m interested in seeing how his path will unwind, and how his aim butts up against Naomi’s.

Literally every frame of Shoreh Agdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala is breathtaking, so much so that her loveliness distracts you from how much more gummy her green screen background of Earth’s blue skies is compared to the other darker backgrounds.

The remaining figure is Bobbie Draper, repping Mars. The casting of her character caused quite a fuss in The Expanse book series community. Clearly she’s going to be a major player with a compelling story. The actress, Frankie Adams, is a statuesque New Zealander who conveys a raw intensity in every clip I’ve seen of her. I’m especially looking forward to experiencing Mars culture and understanding their aims.

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I have to admit though, I’m a Belter through and through. They’re hard working, oppressed folks who were sent off to an unhealthy, inadequate environment so all of the fruits of their labor could be siphoned off between two heartless super powers. Scientifically, I could not root against them if I tried. Also, they have a diverse and unique culture complete with an interesting sounding pidgin that includes hand gestures. Rad.

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