Family and love and honor and duty… classic Disney themes in my book. This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time was in full family mode. It seems like each character had a family moment this episode, even if it was just for a minute. Family is important and I loved that Once has taken the opportunity to remind us of that without a flood of magic.

I loved the bonding time between Hook and Henry. Very entertaining. Forget camping or learning how to use a sword. Let’s debate what’s for breakfast and then get kidnapped by a guy in a submarine! Henry and Hook have this weird, interesting, ‘somehow it works’ kind of chemistry. When Emma left the two of them in the kitchen alone, it’s super awkward at first. Hook throws out Henry’s pop-tarts and wants to make a pirate’s breakfast of grapefruit and boiled mackerel. Yummy! Henry will be having none of that. The annoyance and frustration is evident in his face and further agitated with the news of Hook’s lie presented by the Evil Queen.

Things get even more awkward with Hook and Henry at the docks when they are kidnapped by a crew in a submarine. At this point, I am thinking, ‘Poor guy. He really can’t catch a break with this kid.’ I felt really bad for Hook when Henry was shouting at him and saying he wasn’t even a part of this family. Henry was really giving it to him.

In all fairness to Henry, Hook did lie to everyone, but in fairness to Hook, what wouldn’t we do for the ones we love. Quick, teachable Disney lesson for all the kids out there. If you lie, you will get caught. At this point Henry is fed up with Hook and is like all this is your fault and you suck. It was hard to pick a side, honestly, until Hook came with a truth bomb that really put things into perspective.

Then came Liam. The second brother of Hook’s named Liam. This is the kid that Hook’s father had after ditching Hook and the first Liam. Slightly confusing, but just remember Hook killed his father in front of his young son Liam. Revenge and anger are things that newly introduced Captain Nemo is not about.

Turns out his first-mate Liam did not find it as easy to forgive, forget, and move on. During the dark curse period Hook had not so great adventures on the Nautilus when he was kidnapped by the Captain. Words were spoken, Krakens appeared, and Captain Nemo sacrificed his life for Hook’s.

Cut to present Storybrooke: Liam not only blames Hook for the death of his father, but also the death of his sea family Captain Nemo. Hook attempts to get Henry to safety by giving him the only diving kit and pushing him in the sea, but not before having a sweet moment of understanding. Liam, sword drawn attempts to kill Hook, but miraculously Henry saves the day by coming back for Hook. Liam hesitates, not wanting to kill Hook in front of Henry, giving Hook a chance to knock him out cold.

In a busy hospital, David has unknowingly found an injured Captain Nemo and put him straight into surgery. Snow shows up to take care of him and sees a lonely looking Belle waiting for her first sonogram. The debate between whether or not to show Gold the picture of their unborn baby ensues.

Family is important to Belle, clearly, but Rumple is on her naughty list and not likely to be removed anytime soon. It is so spectacular that we are not seeing a Belle who wants to have Mr. Gold in her life, but rather a concerned parent for her child and his family because Rumple will always be his father whether he likes it or not. The simultaneous action of Belle walking in front of Gold’s shop deciding whether or not to give him the pictures and the Evil Queen and Gold lip-locking inside the shop (eww, by the way), almost gave me a heart attack. My eyes were like a deer in headlights, praying she didn’t go in. When Belle slid the photos under the door and walked away, I let out a huge breath of relief because apparently, I hadn’t been breathing. It seems I still have hope subconsciously that Belle and Rumple will make their family work.

In the end, everyone came together in happy ending sort of way. Hook told Emma the truth and she completely understood. Now they have no secrets between them, right now. Henry has accepted Hook into his little family. Very cute moment of truth when Hook asks Henry why he came back to help him. Captain Nemo and Liam are reunited in the hospital while Liam and Hook are cordial. Aladdin and Jasmine, yes they are still around, and trying to figure out Agrabah problems together. Belle took steps to include Gold.

Despite the fantastic coming together that took place, the Evil Queen has the magic shears and has given them to Rumple. Whenever I think the heroes have bested the Queen, she somehow finds a way to gain the upper hand without them even knowing. What does she want (still); why Snow White’s heart of course. Otherwise, what is her purpose for living?

Be sure to tune in next week for an all-new episode of Once Upon a Time, to see what the Evil Queen will do next.

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