A/N: A while back, I posted a short fic named “Combat” here at the request of Jamie.  Since I am currently finishing the Dark Beauty Trilogy on my Shorties blog, I thought I’d continue it here as well, with the second story in the trio: “Feenin’.”  “Feenin'” picks up where Combat left off; and K’avir doesn’t what to do with or about his intimate partner.
Sheila knew she was going to have to talk to K’avir at some point.  The only reason she hadn’t done so was because she was busy with work.  There was so much to be done; it was time for crew physicals and she and her staff had a daily, constant flow of patients.  K’avir was still her combat instructor and she had her lessons regularly, nightly if possible, as had been the case since before they became intimate. 
Sheila was woman enough to admit that while the sex between them was so very hot, so very intense and so very amazing, she couldn’t handle K’avir every single night.  She could definitely hang with her big Vulcan lover a few nights a week, but every night would have her bowlegged and that wasn’t a cool look with her new boots.   Just within the past four weeks, she’d made up four years’ worth of stockpiled orgasms.  K’avir knew what to do and how to do it and she appreciated that he was a man about it.  And even though her time with Lenny had not been a blissful experience, Sheila appreciated it now because she could definitely say what she didn’t want in a man or a relationship.  K’avir was nothing like Lenny.  He was the strong, silent type, he never laid a malicious hand on her, and he could maintain an erection.