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Fight For A New Home: Andromeda Gameplay Vid

Fight For A New Home: Andromeda Gameplay Vid

Last night at The Game Awards, just before Overwatch snagged the most coveted trophy of the night for Game of the Year, fans got their first taste of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay. It’s always great to see Aryn Flynn, GM of Bioware Edmonton step out onto a stage because you know something dope is about to go down.


While the #N7Day reveals were exciting and Game Informer has been using its various platforms to chronicle the breadth of Andromeda ever since, this gameplay footage is the first time we can really visualize ourselves as Pathfinder Ryder. We observe her interacting with her team members including a krogan (yay!) and a turian, investigate a murder, and take part in a negotiation that seems to be going downhill fast.

Admittedly, the meeting with Sloane Kelly was a highlight for me because I just tweeted Lead Designer, Ian Frazier asking if there would be any natural hair styles for Black characters the other night. Sloane’s cornrows with shaved sides give me hope.

screen-capture-4This entry into the rich Mass Effect lore comes 5 years after the last game in the ME trilogy. I’m feeling pretty tender toward Mass Effect lately since I just finished replaying all three games from the beginning. I will freely admit that I cried a bit toward the end, as I headed into the final battle ready to save the Milky Way from the Reapers. Come Spring of 2017 I’ll be Ryder, and people will be looking to me to find them a home in Andromeda. I’m ready.


Even with new game mechanics like terrain scanning and planetary exploration, some altered interfaces, and more seamless QTE’s than the alignment interrupts from the previous games, Andromeda is Mass Effect all over. The settlements, ships, armor, and equipment are updated, but they still follow the design ethos of the MEverse we all know and love. And of course we still have our trusty conversation wheel.

“Brand new scifi adventure set in a vast explorable galaxy”

Like the N7 Day trailer, I had oodles of thoughts while I watched this one:

  1. I like the music at the start. I wonder if it’s just a musical suite they put together for the trailer or if it will feature in the game.
  2. I like the new star map!
  3. Gosh, these planets are pretty. This alien fauna is killer!
  4. *mentally cross references the footage of the Tempest landing with the ship design article from Game Informer*
  5. Hey Fryda Wolff Heeeeey!
  6. Is Sam the new EDI?
  7. I LOVE SLOANE KELLY. I don’t care that she’s clearly a rough and tumble brigand queen!
  8. I can’t wait to drive the Nomad! Road trips with my alien buddies!
  9. This is giving me Beyond Good and Evil/Final Fantasy teas.
  10. The omni-tool glo up is real! It’s like a wrist tricorder.
  11. I hope one of these scanning/analysis mechanics is as neat as the decryption mini-game from ME2.
  12. This is a lot of fight footage…
  13. I think I’m more partial to the HUD from the first ME. This HUD reminds me of Fallout which I wasn’t a big fan of. I got use to it though, so I’m sure I’ll do the same with Andromeda.
  15. Yes! Crafting. We can steal things too? *wicked grin*
  16. Hostile wildlife? Ya think??? That less-evolved yahg devoured me!
  17. I like the mechanical door locks instead of the holographic ones from previous ME games. More concrete and tangible.
  18. Cloak. Head shot. Lights out. #InfiltratorForLife
  19. There’s my article title!
  20. I need this game like burning.


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