by Terisa Thurman

By the time you read this I will be immersed in a hotbed of anxiety; fighting off feelings of loneliness and facing my fears of rejection.  I will be one of the thousands of faces lost in a sea of bodies at Comic Con.  I’m excited but also know that I tend to get anxious in unorganized crowds that have no main focal point like you would find at a movie theater or a concert. 

But at the same time I am determined to have fun and gather exciting interviews which I will share with you.  So, this week I had to mentally prepare myself to face the fear.

It can be an appropriate reaction that protects you but it can also be a liar.

Fear will build psychological walls that prevent you from moving forward in the physiological world.  It will make you think you are acting logically and within sound mind when really you are not.  For example, following someone of a certain race, who is wearing certain clothes and pursuing him when authorities have told you not to and opening yourself to a world of trouble with tragic circumstance.

I don’t want to be affected by fear; I want to be me; confident and enjoying the moment.  Seeing things as they are and reacting the way that is true to who I am.

So, forget* you fear.  I’m going to have fun and be free at Comic-Con.

*By “forget” I mean the real F-word.