Dave Ebersole and Delia Gable continues to satisfy my need for a good period comic story plot mixed with great art, mythology, madness and murder with Dash Issue 4! We learn more about what—or WHO—has been behind the murders in L.A. , and most importantly to Dash, who was responsible for his lover Plink’s death.

We finally learn, along with Dash, that Impetu, an immortal mummified descendent of Zita Makara, has been using her as a vessel to steal souls to regain his former strength and take over our world! We also learn of the only weapon that can stop Impetu—-and that it was Plink that had it in his possession, but Impetu took over Zita’s body, and killed him, stealing his soul.




In learning this, Dash comes to realize that Plink just had way too many secrets that he was learning after the fact, things that he suspected, but wanted to believe in him because he loved him, and well….who HASN’T been in that situation with a lover before? Who hasn’t wanted to believe in a lover, even with so many signs of them keeping too many secrets from you, and with the evidence of that apparent to everyone except YOU (or so it seems)?

Pushed to a breaking point, Dash leaves Zita at the police station, and goes to Plink’s place to put all the pieces together, but just as he leaves the station, the evil Impetu makes his way TO the station to collect more souls!

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Ebersole plays a very good balancing act with noir mystery and mythology while telling a doomed love story and having all elements connect seamlessly with each other. I’m happy that Zita finally got to the nitty-gritty and gave the full story (or so Dash thinks, according to Abendigo), and there’s no more of the stalling on Zita’s part.

Will Dash discover what Plink has been keeping from him in time to save Sal and the other police officers….and the world? Will Impetu regain his full power? Did Cindy ever get that brownie fix? And who’s the queer cutie who just magically popped into Zita’s cell, Abendigo? What’s HIS deal here, since he’s obviously more than just an assistant to Zita curating the Egyptian exhibit?

Plink and Dash in bed together; Cindy and Dash; Sal and Dash





Dash will be available in comic shops in November; it’s also available from NorthWest Press and Comixology!

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