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From the Pens of 8 Black Women Comes ‘The Eldritch Trials,’ a New Fantasy World

From the Pens of 8 Black Women Comes ‘The Eldritch Trials,’ a New Fantasy World

 Written By Kish Knight

Historically, women of color, specifically Black women, were not known as the authors of sci-fi and fantasy works. Then the 21st century cautiously ushered in Black females in sci-fi and fantasy roles. There’s no question that women of color have shown up in the science fiction and fantasy genres as of late.  Shown up AND shown out, in fact. Now, across the indie author community, there has been an explosion of Black female fantasy/sci-fi authors continuing to show out. 

The Eldritch Trials is a brand-new shared fantasy world crafted by the pens of eight Black women. The Eldritch Trials shared world comes from the mind of U.S.A Today Bestselling author Jessica Cage and follows eight species as they get tested by the Mother Goddess. Black fairies, mermaids, vampires, and more can be found in The Eldritch Trials, but at the core of these stories are human issues such as love, family, identity, and building a better world. 

“The Eldritch Trials is my answer to the question, ‘What if we were held responsible for the way we treat the earth?’ Like, really held responsible by a being higher than ourselves,” said Cage. “We live in a world where our societal structures have encouraged us to become more and more individualistic. And through that, we no longer take ownership of our world as a whole. I chose to use this project as a way to give my readers a new world and showcase the talents of other Black women indie authors of fantasy. It’s interesting to see how each author approaches the same issue within their own structured societies in this world. When readers cross from book to book, it will be like traveling to new countries here on earth — different cultures, belief systems, and systemic issues to face.”

The Goddess’s rules are intense, as noted per the following quote from the Eldritch Trials website: “When the first race of beings began to organize and create a civilization, (Mother Goddess) appeared to them and she let them know that this was her world; they were allowed to live on it only if they showed respect for the gift given to them. If anything negative happened to it… if they had any negative impact on her world, she would remove them from it.” 

Just as intense as the Goddess, are the champions from each species.  Here are their stories: 

A Corruption of Gilded Ashes by Jessica Cage 

A hidden kingdom. A broken promise. A dying home.

Against the Queen’s wishes, Maluai, princess of a hidden race of underwater beings, will stand as champion in the Eldritch Trials to atone for the crimes of the land Griffins. 

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A Drop of Ink and Obsidian by Kish Knight 

In a frozen land where magic is outlawed, the trees are suddenly burning magenta.

Once a proud, cohesive society, the valravn world has been split into two: the Onyx Court and the Obsidian Court. To keep their morals intact, the Onyx Court has banished the use of magic in their land. 

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A Blaze of Spirit and Dreams by D.L. Howard 

Can a thief save a corrupt society? 

Ten years removed from the one-hundred year curse for failing the Eldritch Trials, the Vulpiians feel like they can finally move on from that murky part of their history. 

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A Dance of Blood And Destiny by K. R. S. McEntire 

An Arranged Marriage. A Deadly Trial. A Kingdom Shrouded in Darkness. 

The Aolani Kingdom is under attack. If murderous bandits don’t destroy the peaceful and prosperous fae community, then kingdom politics and family drama will. This novel has forbidden love, African mythology-inspired Aziza Fae, and an underdog female lead who overcomes the odds.

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Sins of the Serpent King by Delizhia Jenkins 

He had failed. It was just that simple.  

Not only did Mother Spirit inflict her punishment upon Dipilli, the rightful ruler of the Naga realm; but also, the kingdom of which he ruled was cursed with her wrath. 

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A Seeker of Honor and Redemption by A. L. Riley 

The shame of a century-old failureweighs on her shoulders….until a seer names her the next champion. 

Ayinda never expected to be thrust into the forefront of her people, especially after being exiled for the last 107 years. Never craving the spotlight, she was perfectly fine being the supporting backbone to others.  This novel has a reluctant hero, soulmates, and a magical quest.

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Song of Sin by E.M. Lacey 

The Hasking stone breathes life once more, signaling the Blacktooth pack’s time to complete the Eldritch Trials. The problem is they have no champion and limited time to train one.  

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Pride of the Chimera by A. D. McGhee 

Note: Due to the author’s personal reasons, Pride of the Chimera will be released later than the other books. 

The authors behind The Eldritch Trials shared world collection are planning to gather in Georgia to meet readers in person. Take part in a book discussion and panel with the authors and get signed books and swag! Look for updates on and

Enjoy reading!

Kish Knight is a fantasy and paranormal author from St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  Her book, A Drop of Ink and Obsidian, was the second release from the Eldritch Trials project.  You can follow her online at

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