Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you. You’re sitting there reading this in your bed or on your couch doing nothing! Why don’t you get up, get moving and go do something with your life. Like what, you say? Well first of all, go see This Is The End. Seriously, it’s hilarious. Then after that, why don’t you go to your local clinic and G.Y.T. GET YOURSELF TESTED! Here’s the thing… sex is rather amazing. We all know that. But as Grandpa Parker said, “ With great power comes great responsibility.” So as fabulous as sex is, it also comes with a laundry list of new problems.

When you were a virgin did you ever have to worry about getting pregnant? 


How about STDS? 

Didn’t think so.

To be short, being sexually active means just that…you have to be active! Now that I have your curiosity allow me to grab your attention…BLACK WOMAN WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES! African -American woman are dying everyday from AIDS. Why? Because we simply refuse to get ourselves tested. We will buy shoes we can’t afford, but won’t dare make an appointment to a free clinic to get FREE S.T.D test!

Yes ladies, it’s free. 

Listen up.  It’s your body so why would you not want to know every little thing that’s going with it. If you’re going to be proactive about pre-recording every episode of Scandal, then you need to be proactive about your health. I make sure I get tested twice a year. There’s no better feeling then leaving your doctor’s office knowing you are STD free. Except for maybe sex of course. We all know we can’t trust these dudes out here, so while you’re making an appointment for you make one for his sorry ass too! Getting tested is like ignoring your bills. Yes you can put it off for a while, but sooner or later they’re going to cut your lights off. Woman up, get the test done and take control of your body. Don’t let your lights go out to soon. GO GET TESTED TODAY!

Sade Sellers is a twenty-something year old professional living in California. She’s a big fan of reality T.V. and truffles. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook