*~Spoilers abound~*

Home. It is a place where one lives. Game of Thrones usually follows people trying to conquer or find a new home. But, this week some got to go back to something familiar and the place they call home.

Yes, Bran Stark is back and he is having awesome controlled visions of life in Winterfell. Thanks to Bran we got the second best reveal of this episode. Hodor could speak real sentences back in the day! Bran’s walk among his family’s past at his home was a great reveal. But what are those nymph creatures? The old man in the tree, I mean the Three-Eyed Raven, is just weird. Why do he and Bran have to touch the tree in order to have visions together? Why is everything so magical now in Game of Thrones? I love it but I’m so lost because I don’t understand it.

Back at The Wall, the wildlings steal the show, although I was ready for Ghost to eat someone. That feeling quickly went away when I saw the giant smash one of the guards against the wall with his entrails slowly peeling off the wall and the blood trail that was left behind. It was truly gruesome and truly great to watch. Game of Thrones is like The Walking Dead in a way. I am always looking for that great death shot. Giant slapping man’s head against the wall was definitely a great shot. The next head smashing shot was just as awesome as Cersei’s new bodyguard smashed a man’s head against the wall, crumpling it to nothing. It was closer up so more cringe effective. Head splatters were on point this episode.

You know who else needs to have their head splattered on a wall? Those religious idiots lead by the High Sparrow because they are crazy and need to die as soon as possible. Jamie Lannister just needs to kill them. I am sure he could rally troops or something and be done with them. We still don’t know their true purpose in Kings Landing. Do they really want to overthrow the realm? I need a full backstory already.

Tyrion is amazing! Brave as heck to free the dragons from their chains. He is the father of dragons! So are he and Daenerys going to rule together? Best idea ever. However, I am over his penis jokes regarding Lord Varys. If this is to remind newcomers to Game of Thrones that he is a eunuch, I say what newcomers. Arya is amazing too. She was still getting her but kicked before H’ghar took her back in. He offered her so many things if she would say her name, but she still said, “The girl has no name”. So back to the House of Black and White, she goes where she will continue her ninja training. I didn’t expect her to be saved so soon. But at least she can sleep and eat comfortably.

Ok, so Ramsey Bolton is definitely crazy. Like beyond crazy. First, he kills his own father after the news that he has a baby brother who is a true heir to the thrown. Then, he has his newborn brother and stepmom murdered by having them eaten by dogs. I can’t believe they killed a baby in this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I know babies were being sacrificed in the woods back in the early seasons, but this was intense. I guess since Ghost didn’t get to eat someone, these dogs needed their chance. Shame on you Game of Thrones, this was gruesome and we didn’t even see anything!

I am still not sure about Theon Greyjoy. He decided not to go with Sansa and he wants to go home, but his skittishness is overwhelming and he could succumb to Ramsey any second. Speaking of the Greyjoys, I need more Intel on them. I honestly don’t care that the King died at the hands of his brother who thinks he is a weather God. Who is this brother anyway? What magic is this? Theon’s sister is cool. I giver her props for her concern for her brother as she tried to retrieve him from Ramsey and props to her willingness to fight for the throne now that her father is dead. If I am to care that she wants to be Queen of the Ironborn then I need more of her story.

The best reveal of this episode was indeed; you guessed it, Jon Snow.

Thank you, Red Woman. Although she felt forsaken, deserted by her God, she still had great power. I am glad Jon is back, but I am even more excited to see what happens when Melisandre finds out she has power and her God is again leading her. She was scary with the birthing of evil spirits and such, but now with this power, she can be unstoppable. Oh, this season is going to be amazing. Always a little slow at first, but I am glad to be on this insane journey with Game of Thrones. Check out what happens in the next episode with the battle for the Iron Throne.

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