This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was one of revelations. The Red Woman said, “Stannis wasn’t the prince promised, but someone has to be.” Is it Jon Snow? Is it Bran Stark? How about Rickon Stark? The possibilities are now endless. So endless, that I have no clue where this season is going. I thought by now we would have seen a battle with the white-walkers or someone getting closer to dominating and preparing to take on King’s Landing. No one is ready to do that yet. The Stark boys had some diminishing moments this episode. Will that make their rise to the top that more powerful or will it weaken their chances of glory?

Jon Snow’s fate is very uncertain. After remembering everything he went through, Jon had to show everyone that he was still alive. He looked wobbly and frightened. After the hanging of Alliser Thorne, Olly, and their ruthless companions, Jon Snow relinquished his coat and ended his watch. Usually, a watch ends with death, but Jon Snow walked away. Will this put shame on his name or will this allow him to find his siblings and reclaim what is rightfully theirs?  I am excited to see Jon Snow out and about in the world without The Wall or the Nights Watch in the picture. His demeanor has definitely changed. He is no longer confident and focused. Will the wildlings follow Jon or keep to The Wall? I love how nothing is predictable now with this show.

I definitely forgot about Sam and Gilly. I don’t know why, but they are not important to the “game” whatsoever. At first, I thought Sam is to Jon as Samwise is to Frodo, but as soon as they separated from each other, Sam became lower on my care list of characters from Game of Thrones. Maybe Jon and Sam will run into each other, and Sam will be the one to give Jon strength again. But the fun is, I don’t know! Game of Thrones has a reason for its characters and their development, so for now, I will remind myself to keep an eye on Sam and Gilly.

Then there is Bran Stark. He is still on a magical journey with his three-eyed raven friend. This week, Bran had a vision of his father, Ned Stark, and his companions battling to save Lyanna Stark. Bran learned that the battle didn’t go as his father had told him for many years. Turns out one of Ned’s companions stabbed someone in the back during the battle. There is nothing honorably in that. Ned lied for years keeping this secret. What other secrets did Ned have? He was one of those characters that was loved and died tragically too soon. We already know Jon Snow was one of his dishonorably mentions, but now this. I need for Bran to keep walking in the past and tell me what is in that tower and what else Ned was hiding. Can we please see Sean Bean as Ned Stark again?!

Meanwhile, Daenerys has reached her destination only to find out that she may not even be welcome at Vaes Dothrak. According to tradition, a Khal’s wife must go to this place right after the Khal has died. Daenerys went all over, roaming from here to there in the world. Which is a big no-no in Dothraki tradition. Daario and Jorah are nowhere to be found and with a council of Khal’s coming to decide Daenerys fate, I’m not seeing much hope in a legitimate rescue. Again, the unknown is exhilarating. Not to mention, her position at Meereen is compromised now that Vala has revealed that Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis, are funding the Sons of Harpy. Tyrion is acting as leader in her absence, but may have to go to war soon if his message is not received accordingly. Reminder he is a Lannister, a good one, but still a Lannister.

In Kings Landing, Cersei is busy planning her trail, where she will ask for trial by combat. Ser Gregor will fight for her. There is no doubt that Ser Gregor will win any fight that he is put in. He is from the dead and super creepy with his dead skin and blood shot eyes. King Tommen has no clue what to expect when it comes to the High Sparrow and his followers. While Cersei is plotting the High Sparrow’s death, Tommen tries to persuade The High Sparrow to allow his mother to see his sister in her grave. He blatantly refuses and Tommen is stuck in a childish position listening to an old man speak. As much as I want to see the High Sparrow and his followers go away, I really want Tommen not to be King. He is weak and clearly has no idea how to lead, leaving room for Cersei to step in. If Cersei takes over, it will be one wicked battle to take over Kings Landing.

While Cersei is preparing for her guard for battle, Arya is training for one. Arya learned to overpower the Waif in her training this episode. Not only did she learn her ninja ways, but she was also granted her sight with a little help from the poison fountain. It is at this moment that Arya truly believes she is no one, having no name. Jaqen is really pleased with Arya. As much as I love Arya and her time in the House of Black and White, I need more of Jaqen. His magic, though different, is comparable to Melisandre. I want them to meet one day and have a magical showdown with their different Gods.

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Although the fate of Sansa wasn’t talked about this episode, we did get a look at Ramsay as his men still look for her. Ramsay met with newcomer Smalljon Umber. He is awful but smart at the same time. Although he wants to team up with Ramsay to keep off the wildlings, he is not stupid enough to pledge allegiance. He refuses to kneel or bow to Ramsey, but instead presents him with a gift. In walk Osha and Rickon Stark. Have they been prisoners this whole time? How did they get caught? Rickon is still a little cutie. I hate that he is in the hands of Ramsay because we all know Ramsay is a legit psycho. I fear for Rickon’s life and Osha’s. I hope their heads don’t end up like Shaggydog.

Everything is up in the air. A character I love could die. A character I hate could have the upper hand over all adversaries. I expect the unexpected. I am scared yet excited. I hate and love how Game of Thrones gives me so many emotions at once. Tune in to HBO next week to see what fate has in store for our ladies and Theon.


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