On this week’s Game of Thrones, someone finally tells Jon what he needs to hear. The reunion between Sansa and Jon was the best. I have been waiting and waiting for Stark siblings to find each other for SEASONS. They have been separated for too long. While Jon was moping around wanting to go south, Sansa shows up and knocks some sense into him. She wants him to take back Winterfell and save their brother. Not only should Jon be the one to kill Ramsay for Sansa’s honor but he should also kill him so nothing happens to Rickon. Rickon is in such a dangerous position, now that Osha is dead at the hand of Ramsay. I was totally rooting for her to stab him too, but part of me knew that would have been too easy. Jon may be tired of fighting, but all his instincts kicked in once he received that letter from Ramsay. It was vile, disgusting, and completely showed Ramsay’s crazy. Only problem is, Ramsay has a lot more fighting men then Jon does at the moment. Cue Daenerys.

Daenerys has been nothing but awesome lately, but this week she surpassed my expectations. When Daario and Jorah finally made it to her rescue, she did not slink away like a woman in danger. She made a plan. A plan so good that nobody but her could see it through. Daario and Jorah had to watch from the sidelines. In the Temple of Dosh Khaleen, Daenerys listens to her fate being decided by the Khals. At this point, I’m freaking out in my head like, “where is she going with this?”

When they decide her fate because of her backtalk, I got worried for a second. Then Daenerys made a rousing speech about how the Khals would not serve, they would die. That’s when it happened. I remembered the awe from the season one finale when Khal Drogo died and was burned with the dragon eggs. I remembered the awesomeness that ensued when Daenerys walked into the flames quiet as a mouse as an enemy tied to the burning altar screamed in pain. I remembered the sheer exhilaration when the Dothraki woke up next to a pile of ash to see Daenerys in all her nude glory, unburnt, with baby dragons crawling about her. As I came back to reality, I watched Daenerys push over the fire stands, flames spreading around the temple, doors suddenly locked. Then, so smooth, so confident, Daenerys walks out of the flames, unburnt, as raging fire burns behind her, everyone bowing in front of her. I knew then this was something special. She now has thousands of Dothraki at her feet.

So what does this mean? In my point of view, this is what needs to happen. With thousands of fighting men between them, Jon Snow and Daenerys need to hook up, kill Ramsey, and rule in Kings Landing together. Melisandre needs to see what Daenerys can do and fall at her feet in praise. Gendry and Sansa need some alone time, in which they fall in love, then he helps Sansa find Bran and Arya and bring them home because they are getting into too much mischief out on their own. Brienne needs to hook up with Tormund and have a bunch of fierce wildling babies because that would be awesome. Theon needs to stay in the Iron Islands with his sister Yara ruling. Lady Olenna Tyrell and Cersei’s plan needs to come to fruition and end with the High Sparrow dead. Then Cersei needs to die because they both can’t be there when Jon and Daenerys come to take the throne. Jaime needs to find love in a person who he’s not related to. Margaery and Tommen need to live out their lives in Highgarden. Tyrion needs to chill and stop making deals with people about slavery and just be an advisor, not a ruler. He and Varys can hang out and get information for Jon and Daenerys.

I love how Daenerys put Daario in his place when she stepped out of the flames. She basically told him I don’t need you, but I like sleeping with you when the occasion calls for it. He can be a good little soldier and help her take back Meereen now. Davos is a good person for Jon to keep around as a true advisor. He is loyal and has a moral center. The Sand women need to burn from dragon fire. Jorah needs to live out his days in Old Valyria with the other Stone Men. Missandei and Grey Worm should get married and be part of Daenerys court when she rules. Hodor should get his speech back with some of the Three Eyed Raven’s magic or Malisandre. Between the two of them, I’m sure something can happen.

So, tune in next week Sunday, May 22, to see if any of my plots come to be or if Game of Thrones goes down the rabbit hole in an entirely different direction. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter.


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