GamersGuideCoverA Gamer’s Guide to Gaming includes everything you need to begin, continue, and enjoy a journey of discovery into the modern era of the videogame industry, all in one comprehensive book.

A year in the making, and benefiting from over 25 years of accumulated knowledge and insight, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming is available now on Amazon, Kindle, and digital distribution service Gumroad.

Written by videogame industry professional Oliver Snyders, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming includes a treasure trove of information on video games, the people behind them, the industry surrounding them, the culture that nurtures them, important trends of today, and exciting technologies of the future.

Author Oliver Snyders

Anyone new to this wonderful, weird, amazing, heart-warming, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, and at times loathsome world will gain an immense understanding of who makes games, how they’re made, and which six major groups contribute to the growth and evolution of the industry, while learning about the eight major life cycles that a videogame must go through to become a product ready for fans to enjoy.

Even if you’ve been following video games for years, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming will help you to expand your appreciation of the industry with detailed, sub-surface answers to questions about what makes a game fun, successful, addictive, and even ‘great’ in the eyes of fans, while spotlighting important trends of today that will dramatically impact future innovations. The book also discusses how the world will react to new technologies, like virtual reality, and how new online services and a few thriving younger upstarts are slowly revolutionising how we play, buy, and discuss games in the future, leaving traditional publishers, developers, retailers, and press outlets struggling to adapt and survive.

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And just what are video games, anyway? What are they today – for better or for worse – and what does their potential allow for them to become? And how will the fans themselves radically affect the course of the industry over the next four years?

No matter your familiarity, if you’re curious to learn more about video games, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming contains everything you need to begin, continue, and enjoy that journey.

For more information, and to read a lengthy excerpt from the book regarding what makes a game ‘Fun,’ visit the official A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming website:

Readers can find A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming at the following online retailers:

Gumroad (for a portable .pdf)

Kindle US / Kindle UK (for an ebook readable on your Kindle device or via the Kindle app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)

Amazon US / Amazon UK (for a physical print edition, readable on your lap)

Also be sure to download a sample of A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming on the Kindle store for a generous preview of the book, which represents a mere sampling of the full version.