A journalist, a model, and a basketball wife walk into a bar and a great summer read ensues. Games Divas Play is a new book by Angela Burt-Murray that introduces us to a world that we only see on reality television.

Laila, a model, is having a steamy affair with well known married professional basketball player named Marcus. Marcus is married to Vanessa, a stay at home mom to their son and best friend to Nia, a journalist in charge of a prolific website that follows the lives of celebrities. You can see where things start to become complicated.

What Games does so well is remind us that though we take a part in the lives of video vixens, basketball wives, and professional sports players via the media, we never truly know what is going on behind the scenes. Games not only takes us behind the scenes, but shows us how the gimmicks and stories we hear about affect those involved. Murray spins what could easily be a vapid tale of “getting the guy” into a thriller that leaves you trying to unravel what really is going on with Laila’s pursuit of Marcus and why his cousin is always around, dropping a Beyonce stan in as Nia’s assistant to give you a chuckle here and there.

While the story can sometimes drag for pages without any dialogue, it remains captivating, entertaining, and I highly recommend it.


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