I hated it. As a child it wasn’t unusual to prefer anything but a show like Grey’s Anatomy. I mean there were plot twists, character development, romance, and conflict, all while dealing with complex real world gray-area issues. Who would want to watch that over Rocket Power and Rugrats?



March, 2005. I was just shy of 11 years old and, much to the chagrin of my older cousins, hadn’t yet developed a palette for adult, or even teen, television shows. I still loved cartoons. The most drama I could handle, without being equal parts bored and annoyed, was Gilmore Girls. Unfortunately for my cousins – mostly boys – I knew the easiest way to get what I wanted was to turn on the waterworks. So I cried. A lot. And so, we watched cartoons and Gilmore Girls. A lot.

Then a new show aired on ABC about some brilliant and competitive medical interns. It took the soap-lovers by storm – my mother included. At 10 years old my bedtime was roughly 8 o’clock, so I got to watch the first hour of primetime television (yay me!). There were only two TVs in my house at that time; one in the living room, and one in my parents’ room. At primetime, it was just my mom and I. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. No one was allowed in my parents’ room to watch TV and my mom preferred the living room TV so what mom watched, we watched. And that was Grey’s Anatomy.

September, 2007. For the past two years I watched Grey’s Anatomy occasionally with my mom. I’m now officially a teenager with my own TV (because if my mom had to watch one more episode of One Tree Hill she was going to scream. Not to mention Smallville). I became a connoisseur of fine television. I could enjoy the highs and lows of a good drama. Lucas and Peyton are destined to be together and I don’t care who disagrees! Regardless of how many awesome shows I now watch, I can’t shake wanting to know how Mer and the crew are doing.


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September, 2008. I’m here. I am all in. Izzy has Cancer! Oh Katherine honey don’t do that, even I know not to get on the wrong side of your boss and I’m 14, come on girl. Aww George died, he was nice but it’s just a tv show (still only kind of connected).


May, 2012. I think I cried for three hours after the show. I have now been riding with this show for five years: I caught the reruns on lifetime, fell in love with the characters, adjusted for the new people, felt sad when they died but I kept going – but this! I cannot handle this! I’m done! No more! I can’t do it! I can’t do it! I’m not coming back next season #BringBackLexieGrey.


baeDuring this hiatus is when I realized that Grey’s Anatomy is an amazing show because Shonda Rhimes is a brilliant show runner and writer. She created an incredible, heartbreaking, honest, (overly) dramatic show with no apologies. I became a real fan eight years ago when I was only 14 years old and still watch today because Grey’s Anatomy takes on topics other shows would run from. It always unapologetically does what it means and means what it does, and the show’s ability to refresh itself is unlike any I’ve ever seen (ER I’m looking at you).


Any bias has been very well earned. At this point in Grey’s World we all know that nothing is off limits. If we can get rid of Christina, kill off Derek, and now potentially send Alex to jail, anything could happen (I’m looking at you Meredith), and I am down for the ride (unless she kills Jackson because Jesse is bae).


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