For the past few years, Hamilton tickets have been the hot item everyone wants and few can get. Shows sell out quickly and scalpers are charging what amounts to a rent payment for individual tickets. If you’re lucky, the tickets are real. If not, you’re out hundreds of dollars. Then there is the Hamilton lottery which is a step below getting a winning ticket for a multi-million dollar lottery in terms of ease and likelihood.

It looks like there’s finally some hope in the horizon. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeffrey Seller have announced that they are releasing an official app for the musical. It is now available for all iOS and Android devices in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Through the app you can easily enter the lottery which will provide two seats for $10 each. A steal considering how much regular tickets cost before you get to the scalpers. Right now the lottery is only for shows in Los Angeles. Soon the lottery will expand to shows opening in other cities. The app will also let you know when new blocks of tickets go on sale and eventually offer exclusive ticket sales.



The lottery isn’t the only thing the app offers. It’s going to be a one stop shop for all things Hamilton. Want news or to get an exclusive peak backstage? This should be the first place you check. Want to get merchandise? Here’s an easy way to find it. On the fun side, the app comes with Hamilton themed emojis and stickers as well as filters that can change you into your favorite character from the musical. Augmented reality and an #EduHam experience are set to be added to the app later.


For more information, check out the website here.

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