Happy #N7Day! ME:Andromeda Trailer

"We are the aliens..."


The sexy milk and honey voice of Papa Ryder introduces us to our new reality. It sounds like we awaken from chryosleep hundreds of years in the future and everything has gone to hell. The imposing colony ship, Hyperion slowly moves through space.

Apparently, through some dramatic turn of events we’ve just been named the Pathfinder. This makes us special, it also makes us a target.

There are shots of impressive, bestial aliens; copious context-free destruction; and shots of the game’s adversaries looking menacing.

“We are the aliens,” is uttered around the :52 mark just after someone – with what sounds like a Nigerian accent, quivers out an, “I… have a bad feeling.” You know who else had a Nigerian accent? Everyone’s favorite 50,000-year-old, curmudgeon, Javik! Does that mean anything? Probably not.

I love the idea that the allied members of the Milky Way are a seemingly hapless invading force in Andromeda. I also like how hot and YA movie-ish dude Ryder is. We’ve already seen lady Ryder in the teaser trailer and she is comparably lovely.

I’m a little iffy about our adversaries looking like a cross between turians and collectors/protheans, but I’m sure even that will transform into unbridled joy soon enough.

Yes, Mass Effect is back, baby!