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‘Helstrom’ Season 1, Episode 2: “Viaticum” — RECAP

‘Helstrom’ Season 1, Episode 2: “Viaticum” — RECAP


Twenty years ago, young Victoria was in the back seat of the car as her father carried a body out of the trunk and dragged it to the woods while she listened to music. How lovely. The day before Ana visits Daimon, she receives a call from Caretaker on how the bodies from the crypt are from her mother’s ward. This affects Ana immediately as she takes the life from the flowers around her. Lovely. 

The opening really depicts the siblings’ childhood. 

In Portland, the two siblings talk over food and coffee. Daimon questions why Ana now chooses to respond and see Mom. She deflects and questions why he wanted to talk. Daimon would like for the two to help Mom for closure, but Ana could end up killing her and think closure is overrated. While Daimon thinks that the two of them could possibly bond over their experiences, Ana thinks that she has gone through more than he has but she hasn’t opened up about her experiences. Daimon is tired of pretending like they’re related and would like for them to be siblings. He demands to know the reason for her coming and she reminds him that she has 20 year’s worth of unloading to do with their mother and needs his help to get in and talk with her. He allows it and then she dips just before the food arrives. 

Out in the middle of nowhere, our truck driver is gasping for life as he lays down in the middle of the street. A young man stops his car to help him. Ana receives a call from Chris, who informs her of all the things that he is getting done. He is genuinely concerned as she is being mysterious. She gives no info and hangs up on him. We don’t treat friends like this. Dr. Hastings calls Ana out on her bull and states that she will have to go in with Ana for safety reasons. Ana threatens her, but Dr. Hastings holds her ground. 

The helpful man with the car is scared when the truck driver starts crying out in the backseat. When he is calm, the young man notices the whites of the trucker’s eyes just before he is attacked. The car swerves about when a truck comes around the corner. It would seem that the demon within is trying to cause an accident. 

Ana finds Victoria catatonic and unresponsive. Dr. Hastings suggests using childhood memories like Daimon does, but Ana goes her own route and slaps her. Mother reacts by using her powers to throw them against the wall. Ana knows this Mother. Lovely.

Gabriella moves her items into her office when she receives a call about an incident. Daimon, upset and determined, walks by on his way to Dr. Hastings office. He is unimpressed with Ana’s antics. The two arguing causes a supernatural effect on the building and the patients within. Dr. Hasting gets their attention and chastises them. Gabriella brings up an incident that the two need to go on. I’m not a fan of Ana. To think Daimon is the nice one. 

On the car ride, Gabriella brings up Ana, after which Daimon brings up how Ana was raised. First, she was institutionalized then bad foster care experiences. He couldn’t do a thing about it. Gabriella asks where the two siblings have received their powers. It comes from their father who is far worse than Victoria. Well then. Chris places an artifact in the same room where Ana hid the demon’s skull. The slip falls off the skull just when Chris is about to leave. It calls him to touch it, and just when he is about to Caretake interrupts. The two men talk about Ana’s whereabouts. Chris apparently doesn’t know nearly enough about his partner. He is surprised to find out that she is in Portland. When Caretaker asks about the skull, Chris acts like he doesn’t know. Chris is definitely on the possession list. 

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Gabriella continues to show her naivety to Daimon. Daimon has issued two apologies to her for being mean but he does need to know why she plans to stick around after seeing what Mother can do. She thinks that her experience in Rome’s human trafficking will suffice for the darkness that will come. The faith is strong within her. Caretaker secretly talks to Esther (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) about what he has found and where is Ana. Esther claims that her and her people have not done a thing about Ana because of Caretaker’s request, but if things get out of hand, he will be required to take care of Ana. 

Daimon and Gabriella arrive to an accident. Father Sean Okamoto (Hiro Kanagawa) is there to inform the two about his experience with the victim trapped under the semi. Father Okamoto is convinced that the demon within the victim caused the accident and the victim’s soul will be lost if they can’t get the demon out before he dies. No pressure. Chris is getting a little one-on-one time with the demon skull. The skull has the same symbol that Victoria drew on her wall. Such a coincidence. He takes the skull and allows its teeth to puncture his arm. I’m pretty sure Chris is possessed now. 

At the hospital ward, Ana is listening to a message from Chris who is upset about finding out from Caretaker where she is. Ana and Dr. Hastings have a go at it again, in which Ana brings up that Hastings chose Daimon over Ana. Dr. Hastings claims that she trying to keep Ana from being taken out by Mother. Ana wants her to try. Daimon feels that the demon is old and has a mission. He knows that if he exorcises the demon, our truck driver Alex will die. Ana is hoping for the best but gets a little jump scare from the demon. He’s certainly having fun. Despite Daimon’s instructions, Ana and Dr. Hastings are messing with Victoria again. Ana wants to provoke her mother to react, not listening to Hastings’s suggestions. She wants to be alone with Mother and Mother does help by affecting Dr. Hastings. 

Gabriella wants to talk the demon, who is not happy and tries to throw wreckage but is thwarted by Daimon. The Garthog knows Daimon and knows him as a traitor. Alex’s family arrives, and Gabby pleads for Garthog to leave and give Alex a moment with his family. Garthog lets Daimon know that Ana has somehow allowed new recruits. Ana gets candid with a memory about how Victoria knew who their father was but still stayed with him. Hastings leaves due to a cough, and Mother finally appears. Exactly who Ana wanted. Magoth uses his powers to bring flames around the three of them as Gabriella tries a prayer.

Chris has a visitor by Edward Tate’s brother, who knows his brother didn’t commit suicide. Chris hears the skull talking to him, then takes a weapon before running towards something. Mother taunts Ana, who claims that emotional games don’t work. Ana really attempts to use her powers on Mother but nothing happens and Mother affects Ana to a point of weakness. Apparently, Ana is the favorite. Makes sense.

Daimon holds off the flames as Gabriella says a prayer to appeal to Alex. Alex comes out for a second before Magoth comes back to inform Daimon that the one unleashed is far powerful than him and will unleash a lot in the world. Daimon puts his hand on the man and removes the demon as a vision of a man with an open rib cage opens up to devour another person while in a public restroom. 

Mother caresses Ana as Gabriella tells Alex’s family what they need to know. Ana finally wakes up to question what was set free. However, Mother didn’t send people to set it free but to kill it. I can only conclude that the siblings’ father is back from the dead. Ana leaves Mother and walk away. There is fear and tears in her eyes. 

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