Before I start my rant, I feel like I must apologize for the lack of posting. I feel like I’m the conspiratorialist writer for BGN, the one in the cubicle in the corner, with the dark light and the pictures that are all connected with stretchy wire, that shows that all of these weird things are connected, to explain one of my conspiracy theory, but I swear I’m not crazy! People just don’t have any common sense any more. So without further ado, my article.

 So if you have been living under a rock you may have missed the fact that last week, the University of Chicago, Phi Delta Theta chapter, received a visit from an African-American mail carrier. The Mail Carrier, proceeded to carry the boxes to the front door of the fraternity. He made it to about ten boxes, before a member of the fraternity told him it was a prank and that he should read the name on the box. The boxes were addressed to Reggin Toggaf. He was told to read the name backwards and he would get the joke.

 If you are not one for backwards writing, the name is Nigger Faggot. Not only are both of these words incredibly cruel but they are also derogatory  slurs. One on race and one for sexual orientation. As a woman of color, that is a proud activist for equal rights for all, it sickens me that an extension of Higher learning could be the catalyst for this catastrophe. This story only broke about a week ago. A day after the article was released, the fraternity released a statement that they were also victims that, it was most definitely directed at their fraternity but they did not order the boxes, they have no idea who is doing this, and they they themselves are being falsely accused of this crime.

 My personal opinion is this. Whether or not, they created the joke, or simply followed it through, they were still involved in making that poor mail carrier the butt of an inappropriate, racist, homophobic prank and they should be punished for that. This is also NOT the only time that fraternities have been in the lime light for less than stellar behavior. I think it is hilarious when people try to convince me that racism doesn’t exist and that fraternities are all about discovering that brotherly and sisterly bond and networking and showing the world that groups of college students can do good in the world, and that hazing is no longer around, and I just laugh in the face and reply, if you honestly believe that I have some swamp land to sell you.

  I wonder how outraged other people are. I can’t wait to read the comments down below.
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