When Olympus Union creator Gary Bloom responded to the #wheresnatasha campaign, he wanted to do something right for his daughter, and for the next generation. The campaign, prevalent on Twitter after the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, begged the question: why is Black Widow so left out? The scary answer from the comic book world was that boys don’t want to play with a female character.

Red Lance flowed out of the creation of a single female character, Cinderhawk, but quickly expanded. Based on the personality and actual body type of a friend, this would be a character built as a hero – and not a sex symbol – from the very beginning. It wasn’t enough, however; there needed to be level intersection between men and women, and there needed to be further equality.



More friends were pulled in to serve as hero templates. The real life brother of Cinderhawk’s model became the template for her in-story brother, Bricker. Raceway wound up African American, so that the personality of one even-keeled friend could be flipped for the impatient speedster. Another woman agreed to step in as Stonefish, lending both her martial arts background and Asian features to inspire another strong female character.

Featuring both a mix of genders and races, the comic super team felt set to start, with room to grow one day. The villains had to have the right slant as well, though, and so a twist was dreamed up. There would be a villainous male, because both genders still have the capability for evil. His evil, however, would be a creation of another, playing the role of villain-maker. Armed with her psionic push and a desire for fomenting chaos out of scientific curiosity, Vycia fabricated the villain Cataclysm from husk of a lonely isolationist.



The plan, as Red Lance gains momentum and evolves, will be to see even more villains spanning the racial and gender divides. We’ll see more villains created by the sadistic Vycia, whose curiosity is perpetually piqued by the turmoil of the human mind. More so, however, we’ll see powered and average humans, from all walks of life, looking to make life difficult in Centerpoint, and tangling with Red Lance.

Interestingly, of course, the hunt for the right artist became paramount! No matter how great the story, only the correct perspective could help bring the heroes to the eyes of the masses. Several were cast out of the process, insisting that Cinderhawk wear the equivalent of a bathing suit. Another hoped to explain how Stonefish would execute her precise movements, while her oversized chest was bouncing about.




It wasn’t until Myke Allen came into the plan that it all clicked. A former New Yorker, he found life a bit less racist across the Canadian border, and thus understood the importance of evading the status quo with Red Lance. An artist for 20 years, Myke took the opportunity to combine both modern and classic styles to give the characters precisely what they needed, and precisely what the world needed.



Now, the heroes of Red Lance need you. The only way that they can try to change the game is with the help of readers and supporters. Pledging to this Kickstarter will help bring a unique storyline to fruition. Strong female characters without a need for re-imagining ages old heroines. A chase to stop a hellacious villain maker. A brand new take on powers – the Drenals – where powers are finite. Please help make Red Lance happen, and pledge today!


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