Thermal cameras may be nothing new, but the way they are being used in modern photography is superbly innovative. Those who enjoy outdoor pursuits will soon be lost without their thermal imaging cameras – they can help identify potential hazards and give you a clear impression of water and heat sources should you need them.

It has to be said, professional thermal cameras are very expensive – probably even too much to ask Santa Claus for – but there is now another way: Android Thermal Camera & Therm-App.

The Android Thermal Camera is a clever little add-on for your existing mobile phone. It so small, it’ll fit in the palm of your hand and is compatible with virtually every modern Android phone. The device fits into the charging socket of your phone and its lens protrudes every so slightly from the back of the handset – essentially creating a familiar camera shape in your hand that’s incredibly user-friendly.

Combine the device with the Therm-app and you’ve got the ultimate piece of equipment for your outdoor activities.

It goes without saying that the Thermal Camera and Therm-app aren’t toys – far from it – and equally they aren’t to be used like your run of the mill gadget. In fact, the Thermal Camera’s applications are among the most practical you can possibly imagine.

Night vision photography aside; the Android Thermal Camera makes for a very useful gift for adults and children alike. Torches and other safety equipment can only do so much for you or your children when it gets dark – the hi-resolution Thermal Imaging paints a clear picture of what might be lurking in the night to keep you and your family safer than ever.

The Android Thermal Camera also works as a great security measure for your home: Burglars are unlikely to turn on the lights in your home but, if you’re protected by thermal night vision, you’ll have no problems identifying the threat – you can even stream the feed to another compatible device to create a network of surveillance cameras.

Safety is the Thermal Camera’s reason for being and it’ll help you locate structural faults, unprotected wiring, gas leaks and unwanted heat emissions in your home along with everything else we’ve already covered.

Can you turn down the chance to be safer, more secure and take some superb thermal pictures? No matter how dark it gets; we shall see!