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How America Failed Black Women (Once Again) with #BoycottBlackPanther Hoax

How America Failed Black Women (Once Again) with #BoycottBlackPanther Hoax

#BoycottBlackPanther Hoax

Yes, I said hoax.

On January 2, #BlackTwitter lit up with tweets about black women boycotting the Black Panther movie because of the actor is dating Ashlyn Castro. Soon, the gossip sites picked up on the story, and so did the forums. By January 3, the major media publications were spreading the word that the same underestimated force that shut down Roy Moore in Alabama had turned its sights onto the most anticipated movie of the year.
Unfortunately, the initial notion that black women were actually boycotting over Jordan’s interracial coupling (Castro is Latina) was bogus. In fact, it was Black Twitter that discovered the shenanigans.

Some users actually sniffed out what could be the source of the drama, flyers printed up and posted by a known troll account. My own search of the Twitterverse for proof of the boycott only brought up people talking about the idea that black women were boycotting and others responding to the news. I wasn’t alone.

Unfortunately, the same award-winning publications that are rooting out the Russia-Trump connection could not take a moment to determine if black women were ACTUALLY even concerned about Jordan’s love interests, much less wanting to tank the best homage to modern blackness this decade. In fact, the very act of jumping on the information without much consideration shows just what the modern media and society at large (‘cause ya’ll were clicking the hell out of those articles and links) think of black women.

We black women were the ones who wholly embraced the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, so much that the British scholars had to correct us on our viral use of the terms #firstblackprincess and #PrincessMeghan. We didn’t care that she would be a duchess and not a princess. She would be a royal African American woman. The first. So, it would be mighty hypocritical of us to turn on Jordan for also having an interracial relationship. It would be irrational, but that crossed none of the professional minds who wrote up the boycott story.

That hurts.

Did no one remember that we were the same group who mobilized to defeat both Trump and the pedophile Roy Moore. We succeeded in the latter because it was solely based on popular vote. You should remember. The headlines applauding the force that is black womanhood for saving Alabama from its racist/morally backward self. (I say that because white women and men voted overwhelmingly for placing a child predator, known racist, and Constitutional opponent in Congress). The accolades were loud, deafening. So why would you fail to give us the benefit of the doubt when such an obvious troll bait of a story came across your desks?

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The story about the boycott and Jordan plays on a racist stereotype about black women hating to see black men with white women. It serves right up the image of a triumphant black woman falling from the pedestal she was placed on after Moore’s defeat. It takes the steam out of her momentum in public popularity after the year that she also gave you #MeToo and was proven correct about how dangerous Trump would be for our country. As if that wasn’t enough, you set her up as a force that wants to destroy the blackest thing to come in 2018—the Black Panther movie—serving her up as a saboteur of her own culture’s shot at proving to Hollywood and the world that black folks can carry a film. (Thus, breaking down the barriers to blacker films and leads.)

You all fell for the hoax, the troll, the stereotype. You all failed black women. The thing is, we aren’t even surprised. We are used to it. Just like the Mother of the Movement were used during the 2016 elections and then dropped in the cold. Just as the single black mother image is paraded around to pass legislation and then forgotten. We are used to it by now.

But this time, I want everyone who retweeted, shared, liked, emailed, and even uttered that nonsense about Jordan and the boycotts to know this: We are getting damn tired of being the bodies you use for your own manipulations. Now, if you are all done using black women to advance whatever the current agenda is, we’ll be over here waiting for the Black Panther tickets to go on pre-sale. Nice try in messing with the Black Panther’s momentum.


Jonita Davis loves, reads, studies, and writes about comics, books, TV, culture, and more. You can usually find her in a corner somewhere, dragging a pen across paper in an effort to make sense of the world. 

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  • We’re black men. We know black women and we know their silver tongue lies. Let me clear some things up for you:

    First, we know there are black women who will boycott the movie. Black women, after all, destroyed Nate Parker’s career using similar tactics. Second, Meghan Markle is not black. She denies identifying as black, doesn’t appear to like blacks, doesn’t hang around blacks, studies say her white father’s genes are dominant, she looks like Halsey white woman, etc. Third, Black women can be unrepentant hypocrites. Their accepting a white man and black woman doesn’t mean they accept black men and white women. Black women seem to believe dating a slaveowner that oppresses blacks is OK but a black man dating a white woman (guilty of being the white man’s servant only) is wrong. Jealous, antiblackness and self hatred motivate Black women more than sense. You’ll hear more ire against Black men on this ire than against any other. Black women would not cheer for the heavens when any white man looks at them if Black women were at all concerned about blackness. That’s like cheering the devil and claiming to be against evil. Black women would very well ruin Black Panther, as they did to Nate Parker. There is no “magic” in them, just pragmatism.

    Finally, all the #Metoo, Moore, etc nonsense is just something Black women unjustly give themselves credit. For what? I can’t fathom. Black women voting in some Democrat does nothing for Black men, children and people. It serves only to give these all lives matter, fake woke feminists something to clap about while they treat black men like trash and suck up to white men. Suffice to say, there is nothing to “take away from”, for Black men know Black women have achieved nothing but division, segway and thereof with this nonsense.

  • I know plenty of trolls who got caught impersonating a black women, so plenty will be willing to do this. So you assertion is crazed and I will debunk your non-sense:

    1)Black women have no need to boycott the movie. Heck the biggest support is from black women and nerds. Birth of a Nation was boycotted because Mate was a rapist who had a fellow rapist work on the movie with him.

    2) I have yet to see Meghan deny her blackness. If so then she wouldn’t want her black mama walking her down the aisle.

    3) Every black women that calls out a black man dating white is also calling out black women for dating white. The issue with that is dating another race and throwing your own under the bus.

    4) Most history books and movies show the achievements of black women. They achieve everyday which is what makes them magic and make men like you…lackluster. Now on to this contradiction. If black women have representation then what need do they have to boycott? None. Not to mention most tv shows and movies have black woman leads. Sounds like you are jealous of that magic.

  • Why they mad though? Most of these women complaining overlook blerds and go for thugs who won’t marry them anyway. Ask yourself, what do you have to offer? What type of man are you attracting given your level of education, social status, life goals? Worry about that instead of crying over some men who’s paths you’ll never cross

  • Thanks to black men being publicly belittled for their dating choices I have noticed on several occasions black men with white women looking at me apologetically or scared and their white partners acting like at any moment im going to launch into a full scale attack verbally at them. No not all black women are angry and hurt. Some of us are living our lives and being the best we can be. I remember watching a white woman and black man IR couple on you tube she said she met her man online and he had clearly stated he wanted a black or biracial woman. She was undeterred and still messaged him they been married ten years and have children. I did like what she had to say about how they were raising their children. Another wonderful black woman I adore is married to a black man but prior to meeting her he only had a preference for light skinned women yet they ended up falling in love and been married for decades now. Those who want a black man need to move in the same circles of quality black men I remember Connie talking about this in one of her you tube videos move in their circles join in groups they will be attending position yourself. But “boycotting” movies because the black man is dating a different coloured woman is not going to get anyone a quality man it just gives people like Tommy Sotomayor and the Reluctant Nabi more topics to disrespect us black women and give us a bad rep world wide.

  • i really cant tell if this is a troll post or if someone thinks these are actually arguments to alldays’s post….

  • “Black women seem to believe dating a slaveowner that oppresses blacks is OK but a black man dating a white woman (guilty of being the white man’s servant only)-”

    Do NOT let White Women off the hook for their participation in slavery and the general upholding of White Supremacy in America ever since.

    And this continues including actions from women like Susan Smith, who drowned her two young children to death and initially told the police that a Black Man kidnapped them. And if you’re so supportive of Nate Parker then you must believe that the White woman who accused him of rape was lying. So who really ruined his career?

    And of course, there’s the little significant fact that it’s because of mostly White woman’s votes that we currently have Donald Trump as President.

  • If I wanted to troll then I could just use the black men too or some other illogical response that is aimed at deflecting. What I stated clearly and logically debunks the irrationality of what he is saying. If you had a better counter you might present something other than “must be a troll”.

  • Clearly the people commenting here didn’t read the article either and just wanna spew more hate towards Black women.

    “Black women avoid blerds” lies because there are PLENTY of Black women who are Blerds themselves, hence this site. If they avoid you it’s because of YOU, not them.

    “Black women tanked Nate Parker’s career” No, rape tanked Nate Parker’s career and rightfully so.

    We get it, you hate Black women. You wanna blame them for everything that goes wrong. Now get help and get out.

  • No, blerds just go for women who they think they deserve and then get mad when they get rejected meanwhile ignoring any other viable partners because they want someone, like most other men, who can fulfill their unrealistic, whitewashed standards of beauty as closely as possible. bloop.

  • “Every black women that calls out a black man dating white is also calling out black women for dating white”
    Every? you speak and know the actions of everyone? must be awesome having that kind of power.
    i could break down every point except 2, because it seems obvious. i dont think it would do much good to someone who speaks for every black woman though, my knowledge is of just 1 person. sad day for me.

  • I knew the boycott was fake primarily because ALL I saw were reactions and not one tweet about boycotting. The biggest decisions regarding the movie have been along the lines of what we are wearing to the theater and if we are bringing collard greens and chicken. We will be there period.

  • It is awesome having that type of power because every black woman that has bothered to called out those actions have stated clearly why. If you are going to use the illogical fallacy of “every” then you don’t have the capacity to break down my other points. So it is best that you don’t waste my time.

  • Good to know it was fake because that would make no sense. I hope most our people are not as small as our enemies.

  • Hold up. When the movie Get Out came out there were all kinds of comments made about white women and black men dating or marrying them. So is it any real surprise that people would believe this hoax now? Who failed who?

  • Glad this is fake news because it would be hypocritical af for bw to praise the likes of Serena and Meghan(does she even count?) for their interracial relationships then turn around and boycott MBJ because of his.

    Secondly Meghan Markle looks like a white woman. Can we stop trying to claim everybody as black? shes biracial, identifies as biracial, stop trying to remind everyone theyre black. NO other race does this all inclusive BS but us.

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  • I hadn’t heard about any of this before now. Honestly, I’m mostly disappointed that Mike’s off the market. I’ll still go see his movies, though.

  • There is no group of trolls impersonating Black women on the internet. Or else that has not been proven or implicated by anyone other than you and this website, both of whom are biased feminists with axes to grind. Without any evidence beyond your written delusions, there is no gaggle of trolls impersonating Black women. I mean, why would anyone do that?

    I’ll address the rest of your points below:

    1) Black women spurred and flamed the fires of Nate Parker’s evisceration by the media, and consequent box office implosion. Lest we forget it was Black women who kept calling him a rapist on blogs until. It was Oprah who interviewed Nate Parker about the so-called allegations. Casey Parker, who paid off his rape victim, was not a target of boycott or censure by black women online, just the black man Nate Parker.

    2) Markle has always denied being black. Here is a link (there are many) where she says she identifies as biracial, not black:

    Markle having her mother walk beside her is only because her mother is the person who raised her or for some political reason beyond that. Her white dad is a deadbeat. Markle’s mother doesn’t mean Markle identifies as Black. A woman who identifies as Black doesn’t date Nazis.

    3) You are demonstratively wrong in saying “every black woman who calls out a black man dating white is also calling out a black for dating white”. This is your opinion, not fact. You don’t convince anyone but yourself and people who already believe like you. Black womencheered like the heavens for Serena Williams but damn black celebrities for dating out. This is the status quo, not your backwards lies.

    4) Most history books and movies show the achievement of black women indeed, but that does not mean “black women are magic”. The history books show the achievements of all groups on Earth. By your logic then all groups are “magic”. To speak of Black men’s accomplishments being “lackluster” relative to Black men’s is to deny history and logic itself. Black men have far more achievements than Black women overall Jazz, rock, blues, rap and hip hop, etc were all created by Black men. The pyramids were created by Black men. Black men led Civil Rights. Most of the Black inventions in the history books are created by Black men. Right now, the richest Blacks on Earth are mostly Black men. The smartest Blacks ever recorded are mostly Black men. The greatest athletes on Earth are Black men. Black women make less money than Black men daily despite advantages that come with female gender. Black women lead fewer companies than Black men do. And so on.
    Given all the aforementioned evidence cleanly against your notion that Black women’s achievements supersede Black men’s (now or ever), on what grounds do you make the argument Black men’s achievements pale in comparison to Black women’s?

    To address the “contradiction” you think exists, my point was that if many Black women don’t boycott this movie, it will because Black women are heavily represented in it. To expound, Black women attacked Nate Parker’s movie, which had black female leaders, so a movie having black female leads doesn’t necessarily mean Black women won’t boycott it. See? There is no contradiction in reality, just in your own mind. Alternatively, most TV shows and movies don’t have black female leaders at all. I know you watch Scandal and think every show is like it, but even most Disney shows don’t have black female leads. I am jealous of nothing. Black men are not jealous of Black women.

  • Exactly. ROLF!! doesn’t make any valid arguments addressing my points. Her weak, fallacy-riddled, delusional form of rhetoric only counts as germane argument to the ignorant and uninformed. Extreme feminists then wonder why men don’t take them seriously. They think men will change laws and respect them based on self-evident fabrications, delusion, self interest, hypocrisy, empty rhetoric, propaganda and argument misrepresentation.

  • Indeed, ROFL!!’s claiming that “every Black women [is not a hypocrite]” alone is a clearly wrong statement. That is, the assertion is simply untrue. Yet still you see ROFL!! advance this statement and subsequent arguments which follow it like she’s starting some inalienable fact from an engineering manual.

  • The assertion Black women avoid blerds is no lie. In OKCupid study, Black women rank Black men as least desirable of all men. Nerds and geeks in general are seen as undesirable by most men. By the aforemntioned vectors alone, it makes sense to say that Black women avoid Blerds. Black women being blerds themselves does not prove Black women don’t avoid blerds. By Blerds, we refer to Black male nerds (like myself), not the Black female nerds on this website. You are not even arguing the right thing, either because you are disingenous or because you are ignorant.

    Movig on, Black women did indeed tank Nate Parker’s career. Casey Affleck is reportedly a rapist. His career hasn’t tanked. He won an award recently even. Thus rape itself (which courts judged beyond reasonable Nate Parker is not guilty of committing), does not “ruin a man’s career. Your statements are clearly fantasy, not fact.

    Last, doubting Black writers on this site doesn’t mean anyone “hates Black women”. It also doesn’t mean or prove that I or anyone else is “blames them for everything that goes wrong”. Please see a doctor and deal with your ludicrous misrepresentations. Or see a priest so he can exhort the importance of honesty and truth.

  • Some women will not watch the movie. The boycott isn’t fake so much as not as popular as people thought it would be. This article’s reports that no Black women are boycotting the movie is dead wrong, as with the rest of this feminist screed.

  • No one said anything about it being a group of trolls, but it being a troll and your assertion is false. I have ran into individuals who do stuff regularly. The individual in questions turned out to be a white male and he got caught because someone befriended him and found in one of his comments of him referring to the act of impersonating a black woman. Another false assumption. I am neither feminist or have a bias that favors black women. I call out black women regular when needed so when you assume you make a … should know the rest. I have evidence and it isn’t written alone or delusions. I typically screenshot my interactions and it is sad when they get caught. Heck I even caught some impersonating black men. They do it for many reasons. Some men have a hate of black women or black people in general. I mean why are you on this blog post with illogical information?

    1) False. The media pushed the rape some time before the movie came out and it had little to do with black women, but when black women heard of the rape they chose not to support it. Several blogs speak on his rape and highlighted that A) he raped a white woman and b) detailed the transcripts in which he told several lies. Oprah really didn’t help him either as the rape was not so-called it was a real thing. His friend was actually convicted and charged. Paying someone off does not change he is a rapist and I heard him mentioned just as much as Nate so not sure what blog you were on. Regardless rape was the primary reason that it got not support.

    2) Your article talks about what other people feel she should identify as but says nothing about what she herself identifies as. Again you still don’t prove your point about her denying being black. If she was in denial of her blackness then her mother walking her down the aisle would be a no regardless of her raising her.

    3)Sorry it is a fact, because every one that has called it out has stated exactly why. It would certainly be an opinion is they had failed to elaborate. Then I would be speculating. My job wasn’t to convince you because it is obvious you live in la la land. My point was to point out the illogical point you attempted to make.

    4)I do believe people who accomplish great things are magic, but the accomplishments of black women seem to bother you as you claim they have none. I never said a thing about black men being lackluster. I clearly “men like you”. You do not represent the works of black men and so your long paragraph was a pointless endeavor based on your assumption that I have an issue with black men. I don’t

    I don’t think there is a contradiction there is. You seem to believe black women will boycott the movie but later cover your butt by claiming they wont due to representation. Either they will or they won’t. Bring up Nate as a logical argument that they will was irrational because Nate had rape as an issue. Do you see? You claimed they won’t boycott if they have representation not me. You contradicted yourself in attempting to refute what I said so it isn’t in my mind it is written here to see. I don’t watch american tv shows so try again. You are jealous. You post oozes it.

  • So you’re clearly a troll but I’ll bite a little bit. I’m bored. If an OKCupid study is your only source I need you to go back to basic English classes. There are hundreds of dating sites in the world; even if that OKCupid study was accurate of their findings, that doesn’t include all the other dating sites and real world examples and proof of Black women seeking Black men. And why would you exclude the women here from the blerd label? I had no idea blerd was gender exclusive. Someone may want to tell the rest of the world that. I’m not arguing the right thing? Because I don’t agree with you? Sure Jan lol.

    There’s this little thing called white supremacy that allows white people to get away with stuff black people can’t. It’s not right that Affleck is able to get away with it, but that doesn’t mean that Parker should too. And yes, he was involved. Documents around Parker’s case showed that he was heavily involved and harassed the woman after the fact to get her to drop the case. If I’m not mistaken she committed suicide after all of that. I’m not excusing either of them for what happened, especially not Parker just because he is Black.

    I’m not even gonna respond to that last paragraph with anything more than “a hit dog will holler”.

  • The blog doesn’t just report it but shows it. You seem mad you wish of black women boycotting is not true.

  • In none of my arguments have I claimed that white women have no complicity in slavery,Your sources do not disprove my assertion that white women were not active participants in slavery and rather mostly servants to white men.
    This link does not disprove or undermine my assertion that slave era white women were little more than white men’s servants, and accordingly don’t bear the same degree of blame. (this is not to say they don’t bear any either). Indeed, your link shows only that the white women married to slavemasters uttered cruel words and watched hangings. This is not actively committing any crime; it is watching them occur. It thus cannot be claimed that white women bear nearly the same level of blame and complicity in slavery as white men. Your logic is akin to saying the wife is equally to blame for eating the pig and being glad to eat it as the husband who finds and slaughters the pig. Both male and female are guilty, but one moreso than the other. And so it goes with slavery.
    This link of yours again does not prove disprove or undermine any of my claims. In fact your link’s statements support my argument. Indeed, promulgates that slave era White women bore no “sense of sisterhood with Black women”. While this may be true, it is inconsequential relative to the crimes of white men during the same era, which include murder, acts of genocide, rape, torture, and worse. Not caring about another race of women, while lamentable, is no great crime equivalent to anything done by white males.

  • To the disgraceful admin who blocked me for civilly disagreeing with commentators here (as I do below): you are a dishonest anti-black male charlatan with no decent bone in your body. Your tyrannical treatment of well-meaning commentators like me who disagree with your rabid anti-black fanbase is proof enough.

    Now to address M Haynes, I suppose anyone who disagrees with you “is a troll” then. Right, that’s not what a troll is. Learn your definitions so I don’t have to teach you them. Calling me a troll is an ad hominem fallacy.

    Moving on, you are right the OKCupid is limited as the black female population is likely skewed towards expressing the opinion of Black women who don’t like Black men in the first place, and hence frequent OKCupid. That said, this limited study, alongside my own anecdotal experience, still gives me argument better strength of evidence than yours’. Your argument is backed only by your anecdotal experience, after all. I exclude Blerd in this context because we are talking about Black woman blerds avoiding Black male blerds, not Black female blerds avoiding all black Blerds. Like I said, you do not know Black male blerd’s argument in the first place.

    There is a little thing called white supremacy which allows white people to get away with stuff that black people can’t. That said, there is also such a thing as sellouts, bedwenches and more, which further allow white people to get away to get away with stuff. This is what I argue some part of the black media sphere did. I didn’t say Parker should get away with rape if Casey did, I said that black women spared Casey Afflect, who is likely guilty, and attacked Nate Parker, whom is likely innocent based on the facts. Women from foster homes commit suicide at an extraordinary rate regardless. This is not proof that Nate Parker raped anyone. It simply does not pass the reasonable doubt test.

    Your won’t respond to my last paragraph because you have nothing to say and you’re wrong. When you “won’t respond”, that means you concede the argument and I win. Thanks.

  • You seem to like the word “mad” and throwing it around. I do not think you know what it means. Most of my objections are not about the supposed boycott, but have to do with the pervasive mythology and lies in this article, as well as its condescending tone.

  • I forgot to address Susan Smith. She’s 1 white woman compared to the everyday horrors of white men during slavery. Again, she’s not an example white women share the same degree of complicity. It is OK to say white women are complicit and representatives of white supremacy, it is another to argue equality in complicity, or even more complicity (which I’ve noticed many of these new-fangled fake woke feminists are doing).

  • Notifications go out even if you delete and to respond to you claim. I only used mad once with you so in order to throw it around I would have to use it every other sentence. Secondly It really is sad that you need to make another account to like your own comments. sign

  • Meghan IS a black woman and most certainly does count. Her mother is black and I read Meghan’s essay where she stasted that she identifies with both black and white. She does not look white. She looks like a light skinned black woman or a latina. Im sick of black women thinking that they are the arbiters of who is black and who is not. No other group does this divisive BS!

  • she does not look like no damn light skin black woman get that bs out of here. she looks like a white woman with a slight tan.

    She is a tan skinned WHITE WOMAN.

  • trust me i know. they posted this on a few blogs on IG and there were more than a few bw in the comments saying they wouldnt support another black celeb who hates bw blah blah blah

  • FFS. The lengths some Black men go through to stick up for White women…

    >It is OK to say white women are complicit and representatives of white supremacy, it is another to argue equality in complicity, or even more complicity-

    And it’s another thing to argue that they are completely innocent. Which is what you did in the line that I specifically quoted. Where you claimed that White women were “guilty of being the White man’s servant only.”


    That is, indeed, letting White women completely off the hook in regards to slavery and oppression of Blacks, to put all the blame solely on White men. All I was doing is pointing out that collectively White women were not (and are not) blameless. Now you’re backtracking to “well, they were were EQUALLY AS BAD as White.”

    Yeah, and?

    So for that they’re supposed to get a cookie? A gold star?
    I see no need to go out of my way to praise White females just because, collectively, they have not had the same exact level of opportunities to oppress Blacks as White men have, when there is absolutely no reason to believe that they would have been any different if they had.

    No, Susan Smith wasn’t meant to be an example of every single White woman (and I know that you know that, so your rebuttal was just an attempt at a red herring), just one of many examples I could give of the ways in which modern White women participate in the degradation of Blacks. And that includes the 53% of White female voters who in 2016 voted to support Donald Trump, who ran the most blatantly bigoted campaign in 30 years, since Bush Sr. used Willie Horton as a rallying cry. White women will vote to support, protect and uphold White Male Supremacy, because even they know that will make them 2nd class citizens to White men, it still puts them higher than men and women of other colors.

    I’d go on, but I’ve got better things to do this weekend than try to argue with some Black man who’s obviously too deep into The Sunken Place to be reasoned with. SMH.

  • You do know black women aren’t often the target demographic of a movie and have little power when it comes to a whole career. You don’t think that maybe white feminists had a part in it? Nah. Had to be the black women. Really he needed to sit down after pretty much admitting that he had a part in his buddy raping his f buddy. That’s vile.
    I think you forgot the headlines from that okcupid story. Black women and asian men least desirable. So before you go finger wagging remember which group has always picked outside of their race in greater numbers.
    I don’t knock it in general but I’d like a follow up with individuals telling the reason for their choices instead of assuming that we just dislike one another and were dumb enough to fall for purposeful mental manipulation meant to have us hating ourselves and our people.

  • This is why you don’t bother with people that speak for all people that look like them. They have a basic inability to understand that people have different opinions than themselves. Furthermore when they conflate my experience with “what everyone knows to be true” you can rest assured they will only see thier own point and nothing else. Even I posted a video of a black woman mad about black men dating white and not mad about the opposite, it still would be unconvincing and she would move to the next post espousing the same opinions as fact.

  • Yes. It’s a surprise. Name one movie that has been boycotted due to a black dude dating a white woman. Black women still watch Power. Still love them some Terrence Howard. Still love Taye Diggs and the list goes on and on
    We’re talking the most anticipated almost all black cast with the most exciting pro unapologetically black trailer in recent history.

  • No this is why you don’t bother with people who fail to have basic reading comprehension. Nothing in my statement spoke for all people. For starters all people aren’t black and secondly the discussion was black women, so take your straw man and have a seat. This further breaks down because all black women do not speak on the matter of black men dating white women. Now to further everyone that spoke on it had to explain themselves because black men like you were quick to cry hypocrite and they were quick to say they feel the same with black women dating white. You really live in your own delusion and are projecting your own inability to realize that black women are different with difference of opinion. If you have a video post but you know the video will be weak evidence because a) one black lady don’t speak for black women and b) The video will not support your idea that she doesn’t feel the same about black women dating white men.

  • “You really live in your own delusion and are projecting your own inability to realize that black women are different with difference of opinion. If you have a video post but you know the video will be weak evidence because a) one black lady don’t speak for black women”

    After saying…

    “Every black women that calls out a black man dating white is also calling out black women for dating white.”

    cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias all in one. you are the complete package. i do hope you refrain from breeding. It would be a shame for humanity. Though you do seem to be moving in the right direction so maybe you can be taught a few basic things… LOL. Anyway have fun trolling or being an idiot, whichever you are.

  • I see you don’t know the definition of cognitive dissonance or confirmation bias. For starters, in order for what I said to classify as cognitive dissonance it would require that I “simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.” Nothing I said or you were able to quote shows a difference in ideas, beliefs, or values. Your lack of reading comprehension is where you failed to realize I wasn’t speaking for all black women and this same lack of reading comprehension is what you keep pushing hoping it will paint your view in a better light. Black women have difference of opinions, but when speaking on this very issues everyone that chose to speak feel the same with black women dating white men. Sorry this fact bothers you. Secondly it would only be confirmation bias if all that I presented was based solely on me purposely looking for sources that support my ideas of beliefs. Only you pushed the idea of a video that shows a black woman being hypocritical yet have failed to supply it. Thus you engaged in your own confirmation bias.Which I can once again point out your projection of your own inadequacies and failed attempt at an argument you couldn’t win. The same for humanity is that you parents chose to keep you. Idiots are typically people like you who are threatened by intelligent people like me so generally engage in fallacies to hide it. But the little engine could and someday you will too.

  • So what if he is dating outside his race? How’s this any different from a white supremist tell their child “stick to your own race”

  • cognitive dissonance- “every black woman feels this way.” and “every black woman has different opinions” There it meets you definition and while i could point out your conformation bias in your “if you post a video (aka: proof) it would not change anything comment” I will instead refer to you arguing that you spoke for how every black woman who dislikes black men dating non black women feels and then said they all have different opinions. if no confirmation bias is in play then you will be able to accept the fact that both of those statements cant be true. you will not however, so i will win the confirmation bias point by default. i am dont knowing that if you argue i win. and if you concede i win. Thanks for playing LOL you really should not bother debating people who are clearly more intelligent than you. I will await to see how i correct! and i know you will post soon since i draw it out of you!

  • It can’t be cognitive dissonance when that wasn’t my argument. That is your argument and your argument is simply a straw man being thrown out because you had not counter to begin with. By all means point to the confirmation bias. I never said if you post a video it wouldn’t change anything. I said 1 video does not speak for black women and I do believe the conversation is black women not a black woman. Is it not? I also went on to say that your video will likely show nothing that show her as hypocritical. Yet you argue your imagine belief on how I will respond rather than showing the video. Would you like my email to send me said video? I am being quite accommodating as you seem to deflect.

    “I will instead refer to you arguing that you spoke for how every black woman who dislikes black men dating non black women feels and then said they all have different opinions”—You could argue this but it would again be a straw man. I said how every black women who speaks on black men dating white women. I said nothing of non-black women as a whole. I could go further and point out that the black women with difference of opinion was in response to your other straw man. Namely as you claim “They have a basic inability to understand that people have different opinions than themselves”. Here you are speaking of all people and the discussion is not all people, but since you wanted to use this red herring why not discuss.

    If you know anything about life two things can be true at once. That depends on perspective. Whether I play on or concede you still lost. You lost the moment you made the discussion an ad hominem instead of an actual debate. You are far from intelligent because an intelligent person would have refuted the points presented rather than engaging in several fallacies. You are merely trying to sound smart in a discussion you clearly lost. Of course I will respond. You are the pet lizard of sorts. People need to have an example of illogical beings after all.

  • lol deez trolls. if you cant dispute, just say “that wasn’t my argument” you literally just have to scroll up to see it. i swear i feel like trump is responding in tweet form. naaa i did not say that…. umm it is still there…. umm that is not me…straw man…. fake news… lol

  • Here is my argument in quotations:

    “Every black women that calls out a black man dating white is also calling out black women for dating white”

    Here is your argument that you presented in quotations:

    “every black woman feels this way”

    Now anyone can look up and see that what you said and what I said are two different things, but by all means if you are seeing something else please seek help with a license therapist. Putting it in quotations isn’t going to magically make it something I said and won’t make it less of a straw man.

  • I didn’t see many white feminists writing anything about Nate Parker until black feminists wrote slander about him. So no, I don’t think white feminists had a part in it. Parker also didn’t meet he had a part in raping anyone.
    Moving on, the study implies that Black women want to pick outside their race; they just don’t have many options. I should add that Black men aren’t Black women and what we do doesn’t justifies what Black women do. Men demand loyalty from women.
    As respects the study, I don’t see how we can follow up on 10,000 black women nor do I see the point in doing so. Discussing black women’s ultimately preferences will not change them anymore than discussing obese women with men will not make men prefer obese women. Since the aforementioned is true, all we can do is conclude Black women dislike Black men. This itself explains the many problems Black men have with Black women, even in this thread. Black women simply hate themselves and their people. Until I see evidence otherwise, that is the status quo. And it explains everything.

  • We’re talking about Black male blerds and black female blerds seperately. Black female blerds ignore Black male blerds. This is the consensus among Black male blerds. Write whatever nonsense you want; that changes nothing.

    This little thing called called white supremacy also resides in black feminists and people like you, who allow white people to get away with stuff black people can’t. There is no evidence Parker raped anyone. A foster kid committing suicide is an everyday occurrence.

  • Many slaves did not have to do everything asked of them. It’s the difference between an Uncle Tom slave and another slave. White women were Uncle Tom slaves, so they share complicity.

    When Black feminists attempt to demonize white women and black women with alabaster lies, I feel the need to defend both, since the true demon is white men and white men’s servants (you, black feminists, etc). Slavery would not even exist if white women only existed.

    Modern white women indeed participate in the degradation of blacks. And so do black feminists and other misandrist pawns. No white woman ever destroyed Black people. Sellout black women have. Your reason fails.

  • We’re Black men, not black women. You don’t tell Black men who is black and who is not. Meghan’s mother being black means nothing. Women have weak genes. Meghan is the race of her father, looks exotic white, etc.

  • Blerds go for the same women other nerd races go for, except Blerds get rejected while the other nerds don’t. This implies the difference is anti-blackness. Nice try though.

  • A bunch of jibberish^ My usernames, by the way, “alldayeverryday” and “weskrong” are football sayings. Jack Handy is not a football sayings, so chances are he isn’t me. You’re not very smart

  • No you aren’t very smart because you both use the same lame argument tactics. Quotations of stuff I didn’t say. Also those names aren’t football sayings. I know plenty of people who say all day every day just to say it and it has nothing to do with football.

  • Our argument tactics are winning ones. You said, “”Every black women that calls out a black man dating white is also calling out black women for dating white”, which itself is self-evidently wrong argument. Then you disputed my saying Markle said she isn’t black, before I gave you a link proving it. Finally, “All Day” was Adrian Peterson’s nickname. “WeSkrong” was Jameis Winston’s motto. Not only are you a liar and delusional, you also have no handle on football. You’re an empty gourd.

  • No your argument tactics are losing and I already displayed why. The statement is a fact and saying it is wrong won’t change that it isn’t. Secondly you did provide a link. I clicked said link and the link was an article of someone saying what she should identify as. Finally it doesnt matter who took it as a nickname. It still isn’t a football saying. You just got caught in a lie, showed post after post of being delusional to the poi t of creating another profile to like your own posts, and I don’t care about football but knew enough to know the sayings weren’t football saying as you claimed. Stop projecting and man up or something.

  • You have displayed nothing except your own failed arguments: overgeneralization, a clear lie, etc. I proved my username is a football saying as they are unique sayings referring to football players. You’re a loon, and not a smart one either. You’ll convince no one of anything except these feminists who have achieved nothing, and never will change anything. If Trump people don’t block you, Black men will.

  • See this is where you become delusional. I didn’t overgeneralize and just because you scream it doesn’t mean it happened. Screaming it won’t cover your failed reading comprehension. A lie? Where did I lie? You want to make that up too? You didn’t prove the username was a football saying you just showed how two people use it as nicknames or their own sayings. Nothing showing it origininated with them. If we want to discuss loon let’s discuss creating profiles to like your own comments and pep talk another. Don’t hate my intelligence because without it I wouldn’t have caught your b.s. or the fact you use gourd and disnt know what it meant. My job wasn’t to convince just refute your irrational claims and that was won and done.

  • You overgeneralized when you said, “”Every black women that calls out a black man dating white is also calling out black women for dating white”. You lied when you said Markle identifies as black. A quick Google search would show you Adrian Peterson’s nick name is, “All Day”, likewise with Jameis Winston and “weskrong”. Jack Handy and I have totally different prose. You have no intelligence to hate. Only agenda to grind. Don’t include Black men in it and you will have no peace. Then you can prevaricate and create imaginary scenarios all you like. Nothing will change reality.

  • And again. That is not an overgeneralization because it does not refer to every black women. Do you know why it does refer to every black women? Because every black women does not speak on black men dating white women. If you believe they do then you pretty much showed how your own bias influenced your ability to understand what is going on. Secondly, here is a direct quote of what I said about Markle “) I have yet to see Meghan deny her blackness.” So you lied in claiming I said something I did not. You claimed she denied her blackness remember? I did a quick Google search and that is how I know what those saying didn’t originate with them to be football saying. It is something they use not something that is theirs or football alone. Wrong I can break down how jack handy and you are the same if you likes or you can continue to push the idea that you aren’t. Either way I bet you start using him tomorrow to argye back and forth. Oh if I had no intelligence then this charade you got going wouldn’t be so easy to catch. You hate it but I don’t care. I included black men in What? You don’t speak for black men. I doubt you are a man. Only you created the imaginary scenarios. Ie fake profiles.

  • I’m done arguing with you. My points are evidenced here throughout; you are just trolling at this point.

    More interestingly, I just went through your profile. You put your twitter as @sharinar. Looking at Twitter and Instagram, you’re a black female romance writer who remarked on her Instagram that an Indian bollywood actor should be a cover model on romance magazines . Your puzzingly Indian avatar implies you have a fetish for Indians. You’re a bedwench. That explains you ridiculous statements thus far. Let me in on a secret, Southern girl: I live in the North with Indians. They think blacks are inferior and treat them so.

  • Your post are evident. Evidenr that you are delusional and a liar who would rather throw around ad hominems and other fallacies than participate in a logical debate.

    I never owned a Twitter or Instagram to put down, so here you are caught creating another fabricated idea of me in hopes it will prove some lack luster point you have. Furthermore the fact you are profile stalking illustrates even more my point. Secondly I am not a writer but a psyche graduate student who enjoys traditional east Indian dancing. You have been guessing Im a black women for a while. I guess you would ve wrong. My profile picture doesn’t indicate a fetish, but the fact that I like the picture. Yet I never bashed black men or attacked them just you. Access to my past? You really are a loon. All you wrote is your imaginary fabrications. I never mentioned a thing about me. Arguments you can’t refute which is why you are going with crazy.

  • Your Twitter says differently, but since you say you’re not a black woman: “You have been guessing Im a black women for a while. I guess you would ve wrong.”

    Your opinion doesn’t matter. You don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re a non black troll. I rest my case. Go away. I have nothing to say to you, hindu. Stop including yourself in black discussions when in real life you’d be dismissed.

  • If Twitter is down it is because none is set up and I can click on my profile now and it will show no link to Twitter to begin with. You are a liar and proving it the more you speak.

    Except none of this is my opinion but a fact. So because you falsely claimed me as black and now realize I am nonblack and i now dont know what I am talking about? Proving my point again. No one said I was hindu either. But carry on.

  • Not that’s it’s any real concern of yours, but the majority of my family identifies as black. Any mixing in most of my family happened generations ago, and is no more than most black American families. We still come in different shades, and it is possible for a black person with two black parents and four black grandparents to come out fairer skinned than others. And if Meghan identifies as black and white, then that’s what she is. I shouldn’t have to explain this to another black person. Can I see your card?

  • Meghan is biracial and identifies as such.

    Pointing out the obvious (she passes for white) isn’t divisive.

  • I’m a blerd……and theres nothing I heart more than a black man whose intellect matches or exceeds my own. Whose printing these lies…and what do we do about the idiots that believe them.

  • Apparently it is because we can’t agree that she is passing. I know that when o saw her I wondered if she was mixed or Latina and apparently I’m not the only one. Is passing what you call it when white people can’t tell that you have something other than European ancestry?

  • Of course the number isn’t 0. I’m sure some white folks don’t want to see a movie with a black lead and are “boycotting” because of that. So what? It’s a super minority and barely worthy of discussion.

  • The only thing that upsets me is your loose grip on basic grammar. Punctuation is your friend, troll.

  • We are seeing that type of trolling in other communities as well, for example LGBT. It’s done by alt right trolls who pretend to be women or gay or trans people and who stir up hate against other parts of LGBT. It’s getting so extreme that some comment threads are completely infested and some of the website authors are even confused by it and get influenced by it.

  • yawwwnnnn i didnt include periods commas or apostrophes on an online forum comment section. thank god the grammar police is here to set me straight LMAOOOO how would I ever go on.

  • You admitted you’re not black. Your opinion here is tantamount to a white man’s and hence irrelevant. Go away.

  • When I said “feminist”, I meant “black feminist”, not normal feminist
    which I have nothing against. Black men all believe in women getting a
    fair shake and not being mistreated due to their gender.
    The fact is
    that Black women publications and media went to unprecedented lengths
    to destroy innocent (as declared by the courts) Nate Parker’s legacy and
    movie. The same Black women then didn’t utter a word about the rapist Casey Parker. The girl was a foster kid and she complied with
    Parker the night before. The implication is that everything was
    consensual, just as the white woman who accused Jameis Winston of rape
    was outed as a lair. The list goes on.
    We don’t have evidence Black
    women love themselves, let alone anything else you say. And, indeed,
    women must be loyal. Men, especially white men, believe men dominate
    women and decide culture. This is true. Studies even say that father
    genes are dominant over mother genes. So women must be loyal.

  • Sorry buddy but black is a color not a person or ethnicity. At any rate I didnt provide an opinion but some much need facts to a very deluded individual. I shall stay.

  • You fail to read. My statement could not apply to all black women by default because that would indicate all black women speak on interracial dating of black men. This part has been repeated ad nauseam. The mere fact that after several post you don’t get that drops you intellectual capabilities down to zero. Secondly, you are reaching hard with Meghan. Claiming biracial isn’t denying your blackness. It also isn’t denying her whiteness. You should look up the definition of the word. Lastly, sorry buddy but you are wrong about the football saying. A person doesn’t have to know football to know that a saying that two players use doesn’t make it a football saying. I’m not a feminist and I’m not a misandrist either. Nothing I said indicates a hate of men.

  • Your issue is that my intelligence far exceeds yours and that I am a woman. If we are to talk a lack of grammar we must first note your usage of several terms without a clear understanding of the definition of them. We can further go on with your repeated need to say that I spoke of every black woman when it it clear to a 2 year old that not every black women would bother to speak or care about a black man dating a white women. This alone indicates a bias that brings about the credibility of your statements. Let us not point out that any intellectually cable person would not be arguing about who they think a person is. Look up fallacy in your free time and understand fully why you lost this argument.

  • Of course he is a troll. One who I thoroughly enjoyed playing with. Guy showed himself to be a loon who hates black women.

  • You are wrong and insane. The black women on this site alone disagree with you, let alone science. Black is a race of people originally from Africa. You’re white or Indian, which means you’re a Caucasian, a different race to blacks and a race that despises and work against black people. Your race is anti-black, anti-black man, anti-black people and anti-black advancement. Your opinion here is irrelevant. You have no standing to argue blackness with a black man. See a shrink

  • You admitted you aren’t black. So you’re a crazy non black troll. Go away. You have no standing to argue black issues with a black man.

  • You admitted you’re not black. You’re a non-black troll. You have no standing to argue Meghan, or interracial dating, as refers to black people. Go away troll, like you go away in real life when black people talk about black issues. You’re an oppressor.

  • Enough. You said you are not a black woman. You hence don’t know anything about black women, and especially not more than me as a black man. Your opinion is troll jibber jabber. Go away white troll

  • I don’t need to be a black woman to present facts. By your very logic you speaking on a topic about black woman is just as mute because you are not one. Only thing you submitted is a deluded idea of black women. Sorry but the only troll gibberish was presented by you. Ad hominem king.

  • They disagree, then by all means they can speak up, but anything from you has proven to not hold any credibility. Show me science that says black is an ethnicity or a person? There are a great deal of “blacks” (particularly nonamerican) who do not agree to be called black. A person from Africa tells you who or what tribe or ethnicity they are from and do not refer to themselves as black. I’m not white or Indian and you can stop the guess work on what I am because if I told you what I was then all your attempts to discredit me will be blown out the water. The fact that you spend so much time trying to prove me non black and claim to be black might be an indication that you are not black. because all that I just said is common knowledge for the average black man.

  • I have every standing and I will argue it. If claiming to be black is all you have as a basis for your argument then you have no argument.

  • Being black or not black is not a logical argument. As such I still have every right to argue and present facts. Not sure if you realize it, but if you are claiming me non black and at the same time saying Meghan denies her blackness that gives me adequate ability to argue Meghan by your logic. Take the L and move on. Not to mention interracial dating isn’t just black and white. Research interracial dating and then try again . Also black people appeared to have agreed with that I said more so than you so maybe you need to step out of black people talking about black issues. You have no clue.

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