2014 is already 4 months in – how are you doing with your health and fitness goals? I’ll be honest, I stumbled a bit. Ya know how it is, work travel, horrific weather, watching True Detective.

Oh and anyone who tells you that they use hotel gyms is either lying, or really REALLY crazy!

Well, now it looks like Spring it here (unless you’re in the mid-west) and we’re all trying to get back in the swing of things and ready for upcoming races. I actually have the GW Parkway Classic 5K coming up next weekend. I did the full 10 miles a couple of years ago and realized it’s alright to just enjoy a shorter trail.
Of course, the important aspect to getting back to the gym, or exercising outside for most of us is the music. My “Gym Music” mix is one that I pay very close attention to, and update almost once a week. Everyone has their special hype music for exercising, so feel free to completely disagree with my selections. However, just like my Christmas music piece, we are not here to judge.
Personally, I need some fun fast songs on my mix. Most of them happen to be old school stuff, like DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Brand New Funk” or The Beast Boys’ “Hold it Now, Hit it.” However, I do have some definite guilty pleasure songs that I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to if I wasn’t on an elliptical. Stuff like Pit Bull’s “Timber” or Airmale’s “Brainwashed (Toxic Mix)”. Or even *cough* Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get it” I know…I know. I’m not proud of myself right now.
However, it gets me moving – and that’s the reason why I just let myself have fun and then, like the Christmas music, set it aside until the next time I’m down the street with my Shuffle. If you are Spotify, I went ahead and made my Gym List public (look for Kristin StJohn). Feel free to take a list, have a laugh — or get some of the songs. If you have some unique hype music suggestions, SHARE, I’d love to see what gets you set for the elliptical or that 5 mile run at 6AM.

What matters the most is making sure the strong convictions you had back in January continue into the warm weather, no matter what’s blasting in our ears. Ok…you can judge me about Selena Gomez, I’ve judged myself since realizing I was singing along to one of her songs.