Preparing for the winter holidays but not wanting to over-extend yourself or your suitcase? Check out these tips to help you lessen the pressure of over-packing or not packing enough this winter:

1. Check the weather for where you are going.

This helps with deciding how heavy some of your clothing should actually be, especially if you are traveling to a place that has winters that are not even comparable to another place’s autumn.

2. Find out how long you are staying.

Remember how many nights and how many days you are staying. Knowing how long you’ll be at a location can definitely ensure that you pack enough clothes, toiletries, products, bags, and money for your travels.

3. Start off by grabbing definite pieces you want to wear.

This tip helps to ensure that you are happy with what you look like day to day, as well as giving a start to packing your other things around those specifically chosen pieces.

4. When it comes to clothing, pick out necessities first.

This means grab at least one coat, one pair of boots, a scarf, gloves, and a hat. Additionally, if you are going somewhere that has towels and washcloths that you can use, don’t pack your own. Save room!

5. Start putting entire outfits together.

This helps cut down on the many decisions you’ll have to make while away, as well as helping you pack smarter and more efficiently, and with just enough clothing.

6. Re-wear things.

Things like a favorite military jacket or black jeans can be worn multiple times. Just make sure that you style it differently so that you feel like you’re not wearing the same things.

7. Try wearing the same shoe with multiple outfits to save room in your bags.

This applies to flat shoes, workout shoes, pumps, loafers, and boats. Make sure your outfits match with the shoes though!

8. Pack at least one dressy outfit, one formal outfit, and one going-out outfit.

You never know what may come up while you are away and you want to always be prepared.

9. Pack hair and skin products that have multiple uses.

This method of packing saves space, once again, and if you are flying this cuts down on the possibility of having to throw out more products, if necessary, if you are told to. This can also be suggested as only packing one of everything. Remember you’re traveling – not going to live permanently somewhere.

10. Pack your things so that they are constantly accessible.

Arrange your most used and resourceful things in a carry-on bag and at the tops and sides of your suitcases for easier access and daily use. This helps with you travelling with as little bags as possible.
I hope these tips were helpful and they make your travels easier. Simply tweaking these tips for the warmer seasons are helpful as well.

Enjoy your holidays!

Republished with permission from EveJaneClair:

Where Montreal, meets Atlanta, meets DC: Eve, Jane and Clair are three twenty-somethings, college educated friends with aspirations in marketing and public relations, law, and media. We have come together to create a blog that discusses, acknowledges and celebrates women of color.