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How to Plan the Perfect Solo Valentine’s Day Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Solo Valentine’s Day Trip

Chances are if you’re a solo traveler, being alone on Valentine’s Day is nothing new to you. Traveling can be a great way to escape all the noise on a day that feels like it’s calling out singles. Whether you’re an experienced or novice solo traveler, this is your guide to planning the perfect solo Valentine’s Day trip.

Why travel on V-Day?

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Why not celebrate the day with your one true love, travel? While everyone is trying to get reservations at the fanciest restaurants or buying a brand-new outfit, you can have the experience of a lifetime. Be charmed by cobblestone streets and houses painted with bright colors. Take a hike in nature and be serenaded by tropical birds. Redefine romance as falling in love with the moment and being present, instead of as chocolates and oversized teddy bears.

Traveling on Valentine’s Day is another reminder that being single and independent is fun. You can go where you want when you want — no more waiting on or depending on anyone to have a good time. Be in charge of your happiness, and show yourself a good time.

Where to go

There are many destinations that are perfect for solo travel. How do you decide where to go? First, decide if you want to go somewhere new or if you want to revisit somewhere you’ve been before. Like couples who go back to the restaurant of their first date or the spot where they first kissed, you can have your version of nostalgia. You can go back to the place where you took your first solo trip and reminisce. Reflect on how far you’ve come in your travel journeys.

If you want to try somewhere new, try visiting a city a few hours away. Sometimes a neighboring city can offer new experiences and at the very least a change of scenery. If you want to go big, you can check out these popular solo travel destinations.


Canada was ranked as one of the friendliest and safest places to visit according to Iceland Air. Although Toronto is a top travel destination, there are many things to do in Vancouver. The city offers rich hiking trails and parks, beer crawls, authentic tours, and tons of sites to get those Instagram-worthy pictures.

Another beautiful but often overlooked destination in Canada is Collingwood, a small town located in Simcoe County, Ontario, that’s known for its nature. A great way to spend quality time with yourself is biking or walking down the Waterfront Trail. This 3,000-kilometer trail will take you through the forest and the marshland. It will also give you opportunities to stop through Ontario’s spectacular boardwalks and parks such as Harbourview and Millennium Park.

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Puerto Escondido, Mexico, is a small town outside of Oaxaca. It’s famous for three things: stunning beaches, ultimate surf, and turtle releases. Whether you are looking for adventure, to relax, or to give back to mother nature, this is the place where solo travel dreams come true.


One of Nicaragua’s biggest tourist attractions is in Leon. Have you ever heard of volcano boarding? The concept is simple: grab a metal or plywood board and sit or stand on it while you slide down the black sand of a volcano. What better way to wash away any bad Valentine’s Day memories than flying full speed down a volcano?

Planning your trip

It can help to have a focus or theme for your trip, such as self-care, self-discovery, or self-love. If you choose self-care, you could spend your day going to a spa, getting a massage, or taking a yoga class.

If your focus is self-love, do something you’re passionate about. We all have old passions that lay dormant inside of us. Dust off that surfboard and drive up the coast to catch some waves. Get out your acrylics and find beautiful scenery to paint.

If you’re focusing on self-discovery, do something that allows you to go inward, such as a meditation class or an art expression class. Or test your limits and do something daring, such as hiking a tall mountain peak or camping out in the wilderness. You can even try something you’ve never done before such as snowboarding or skiing. If you’re feeling less adventurous learning something new can help, make the most of your day. Take a tour, go to a museum, learn something new about the culture and the people of the city you are visiting.

You can also take the focus off yourself by giving back or volunteering. There are many opportunities to help the local community while traveling. Many locations such as orphanages, nature centers, and parks welcome volunteers. Volunteering at a hostel with the day-to-day tasks is also an option and could get you a discounted or free stay. Making the day about spreading love and support to others is one of the best ways to ease any Valentine’s Day blues and make the day as special as it was meant to be.

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