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How Wallpics Photo Tiles Help You Gifting Your Friends

How Wallpics Photo Tiles Help You Gifting Your Friends

Friends are someone special to you and you cannot miss surprising them on their birthdays. You cannot gift anything to your friend. You need to consider his or her choices and more than that you need to be creative in order to make your friend feel that he or she holds a place in your heart. One such gift that can really make your friend smile is Wallpics. There are two ways of gifting your friend Wallpics. One is to place the order on your own by selecting the pictures that you think will show her or him how you feel about that person, whereas the second way is to gift your friend Wallpics gift card. This way you give the option to your friend to choose the snaps according to his or her choice.

Drive through the write-up to learn more about Wallpics and how it can help you in gifting your friends.

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Wallpics and its features

Wallpics is a wall décor which helps you in celebrating your old memories by placing pictures of your best moments on the walls of your home and office. This is one of the reasons why it becomes one of the best options for gifting anyone. Interestingly, Wallpics also offers Wallpics gift cards to the customers which are a good way to show your friends your love and care. Here, a few features of Wallpics have been discussed. Scroll down to learn more about it.

Wallpics is easy to stick

The best thing about Wallpics is that you do not need to worry about how to hang it on the wall. You need no nail or screw for this. You do not even need to drill a hole in the wall. You only need to stickWallpics on the wall and it will make your home look beautiful. It is so easy to place these customized pictures on the walls that even a kid can do it.

You can keep your wall damage free

Another thing that will amuse you is the fact that Wallpics will keep your walls damage-free. The special sticky substance at the back of Wallpics ensures that when you remove the snaps, it leaves no mark on the wall. The walls of your home will remain clean and look fresh. The walls will also have no mark of a nail or a screw as these snaps are not hanged but pasted on the walls. 

You can move Wallpics

Whether you get it or not but everyone wants to buy a wall décor which can be reused. Keeping this in mind, Wallpics have been designed and that is why it can be moved easily from one place to the other leaving no marks behind and peeling off no wall paint. This way you are able to reuse Wallpics without any problem. The repetitive use of Wallpics and the changing of walls will not affect it adversely as it is made of high quality. Its quality is such that not much of the wall stickers or any other wall decor can challenge it.

You do not need to spend a lot of money

Wallpics is not very costly and as it can be reused so it becomes a product which is value for money. You can order a set of three photos of Wall Pics Photo Tiles on Instagram at only $35 and if you want to add more photos then you can pay $9 for each photo. As you can see yourself that Wallpics is affordable and also the shipping cost is free for those who are in the US.

As of now, you must have got a clear idea about Wallpics. Now, the question is how it can help you in gifting it to your friends. You already know the fact that you can gift Wallpics in both the ways, directly and indirectly. In case of directly, you first order Wallpics and get the customized images to deliver to your friend or gift it to him or her by on your own. The second case involves the gifting of Wallpics gift card, which is a trendy and more comfortable way of gifting your friends.

Celebrities Love Wallpics:

Brittany Aldean

Derek Peth

Catherine Lowe

Brandi Cyrus

Corrine Olympios

Sean Lowe

What is a Wallpics gift card?

Gift cards are an intelligent way to help you gift someone who is close to you. You give them the opportunity to buy things that they like and in this way, you take care of other’s happiness. This is one of the reasons behind the introduction of gift cards by Wallpics. As you are well aware that Wallpics is an innovative way of decorating your home and office, but you do not know that Wallpics is something which takes care of your feelings and that is why when you gift someone Wallpics gift card, then you give that person a chance to opt for Wallpics and get it customized with respect to his or her choice. Your friend can select any photo and they can get it delivered to their home. Once he or she receives Wallpics, they can stick it on the walls. This way you will make your friend happy. That is why it is said to be a sensible move to buy Wallpics gift card to gift it to your friend.


Whether you want to gift a close friend or a distant one you may choose Wall Pics Photo Tiles on Facebook. This will give you an opportunity to let your friends know how much you care about them. Whenever they will see the snaps on their home or office walls, they will remember you and this way the purpose of gifting your friend will be fulfilled. Also, this way you get a chance to say thanks to your friends. However, choosing a gift card is just one option. You can also send your friend Wallpics directly by placing the order of the selected pictures that you think will make your friend feel blessed. Choose Wallpics for your friend and you will be able to make your friend smile.

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