Invisibility Blues, a critical video series by Dr. Samantha Blackmon and Alisha Karabinus, of the website Not Your Mama’s Gamer. Invisibility Blues will explore racial representation through an initial series of six documentary-style videos; each video will include game footage, critical analysis, and interviews with gamers, scholars, and/or developers.

We are seeking funds to help with production costs, and rewards include participation in a backer poll to select bonus video content, a making-of podcast, T-shirts, and more.

The first topics are:
• Character Generation Engines and Representation
• Reactions to Games Critics on Representation
• Women of Color and Intersectionality
• Indigenous Populations in North America
• Race and Fantasy Games
• Bonus video: to be voted on by backers

Dr. Samantha Blackmon is an Associate Professor of English at Purdue University. She has been gaming for more than 30 years, and now teaches and researches issues related to rhetoric and game studies. Specifically, her interest lays in critique of identity and identity formation in game studies. She is the founder of the blog and podcast “Not Your Mama’s Gamer,” which explores issues of gaming through a women-centric lens.

Alisha Karabinus is a PhD student at Purdue University studying rhetoric and composition. A longtime writer in a variety of forms, from literary to critical, she currently serves as Managing Editor for Not Your Mama’s Gamer.

Through this project, we hope to bring critical analysis to a wider audience, and bring other voices to the table as well, to create a rich and varied analysis that will help to broaden the conversation around race in video games. We welcome questions and discussions on the project, and hope you will help in raising awareness.

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