With her 40th birthday approaching, Xo is really feeling pressure to get her career on track and is determined to start singing in clubs again. Xo’s pending meeting with Diego (a club owner) and Rafael’s work load, leaves Mateo without a babysitter. While Xo contemplates where her career is headed, Rogelio decides to throw Xo an epic birthday celebration. Per usual, Rogelio goes over the top with his planning and demands. Not satisfied with just throwing a birthday party for XO, Rogelio sets up a photoshoot for her as well. Xo doesn’t want the fuss but goes along with his plans. Jane is still without a babysitter, that is until Rogelio finds out and immediately volunteers. Jane has no choice but to accept his offer.

Rogelio with a baby?! This I have to see.

Susanna and Michael keep working on decoding the chip, the one Nadine placed in Michael’s leg, when Luisa calls. Luisa’s call is just an excuse to flirt with Susanna again. At first, I thought Luisa’s advances were unwanted by Susanna. But after this phone call, I think Susanna is intrigued and maybe even likes Luisa. Before Susanna can evaluate her feelings there is a new development in the Mutter/Sin Rostro case. Thanks to some computer savviness, the duo discovers that Rose is Elena’s (aka Mutter) stepdaughter!! I honestly didn’t see that coming. Wait, that means both women married the same man (Rafael’s father)??!!

Xo tries to get Jane to admit her feelings for her professor. I mean, c’mon, that dream about her professor was hot!

Ok, let’s all take a moment to reminiscence about the dream.

Alright, moving on. Jane gets ready for her meeting with her professor and ups her look by wearing some bright, very noticeable red lipstick. I see you Jane! Even Rafael notices that Jane looks different and compliments her. It seems like we’re not the only ones reliving that steamy sex dream. Jane can’t stop day dreaming about her shirtless professor while he discusses her writing.

Petra and Rafael photo

Looks like the Marbella is in trouble again thanks to its connection to Mutter and Rose. The bad press has decreased hotel reservations and guests. Not to mention an upcoming wedding by a well-to-do bride and artist gets cancelled. Petra and Rafael team up to charm the bride into having her wedding at the hotel. But, it turns out the bride and Petra have a history. Petra got Izzy, the bride fired from her waitress job after a harmless accident. The bride wants nothing to do with the hotel because of Petra’s involvement. The best part is that Izzy creates a statue of Petra’s likeness and it’s on display at her art show.

Jane’s public reading of her work goes well, until she accidentally says her professor’s name instead of a character’s name. Her professor doesn’t make the connection and Jane is spared embarrassment. While baby proofing Rogelio’s apartment Xo encourages Jane to look for “signs” to see if her professor is interested in her. In the midst of cleaning, Xo discovers the engagement Liliana gave Rogelio. Rogelio walks in and they are forced to tell him about the ring. Rogelio covers by saying the ring is an heirloom for Jane.

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Jane meets Jonathan again and she tries to read the “signs” to see if he’s interested. Jane still can’t figure out his feelings/interest. Jonathan asks to visit Rogelio on set because his mother is a huge fan. Jane happily agrees to arrange a visit.

Rogelio’s first time babysitting Mateo is going great. Rogelio tells Mateo that is going to propose to Xo at her birthday party. He pulls out a beautiful diamond that he plans to use for the ring. Jane calls to scold Rogelio for being active on Twitter while watching Mateo. But Rogelio explains that the tweets are preset and that Mateo has his undivided attention. Unfortunately, Mateo swallows Xo’s diamond during the call and Rogelio is forced to take him to the hospital. Jane arrives and is furious with her father. As much as I love Jane, she overreacts when people don’t live up to her expectations. Poor Rogelio is crushed after Jane chews him out.

Petra’s attempt to win back Izzy’s business goes awry. But gives the writers an opportunity to show flashbacks of Petra and Rafael’s relationship. Up until now we’ve only witnessed the end of the marriage so it was nice to see them in happier times. It gives a glimpse of why Rafael fell in love with Petra. Petra finally convinces Izzy to have the wedding at the hotel. As I mentioned last week, it seems like the writers are intentionally pushing these two back together.

Luisa is shocked to learn the newest information about Rose and Mutter. But, she does provide another lead for Susanna and Michael and offers to help them track her down.  Susanna listens as Luisa tells Joey, who was also a driver for Rose, to give Rose a message in an effort to draw Rose out of hiding. From the way Luisa talks about Rose, I don’t think she’s over her completely. Later, Susanna goes to see Luisa and admits she’s interested in her. The two kiss but Susanna questions Luisa’s feelings for Rose.

Jonathan and his mother visit set Rogelio on set. Jonathan’s mother is completely awestruck by Rogelio, which is adorable. Jane realizes her phone is in the car and Jonathan offers to walk her to her car. Jonathan leans in to give her a hug but Jane misinterprets it and winds up kissing his sweater. Awkward. To make matters worse, Jane can’t get out of her parking space and Jonathan has to help her. This scene was hilarious and so relatable. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all been in Jane’s shoes at some extent. Nothing is worse than finding out a crush doesn’t feel the same way.

Diego offers Xo a singing slot the night of her birthday party. Xo decides to go to the club, which leads to a fight with Rogelio. Rogelio shows up at the club and has a sweet father-daughter moment. Mateo finally passed the diamond and Jane gives the freshly cleaned diamond to Rogelio. Rogelio finds Xo backstage and proposes. Finally, these two are going to get a happy ending! Before I can finish my happy dance, Xo tells Rogelio she doesn’t want kids and wants to focus on her career. Does this mean these two are over??

In another flashback Petra admits to Magda (on her wedding day) that she does love Rafael. So when Rafael kisses her, Petra stops him because she knows he still has feelings for Jane. Kudos to Petra for not just thinking about herself! I really like the woman she is without her mother’s influence. As much as like the new and improved Petra, I’m still not sold on a Petra and Rafael reconciliation.

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Jane is resolved to move past her crush and apologizes to Jonathan for her behavior. After talking to Xo, Jane admits that she is starting to rethink the idea of waiting for marriage to have sex! Jane tells Jonathan she is getting a new advisor. Jonathan surprises Jane by asking her out on a date! I guess the professor had feelings for her after all.

Mutter and Rose meet up to talk about the chip. I honestly thought Rose would look like a completely different person. She looks the same to me just with shorter hair.

Things are starting to get good!

What did you think about this week’s episode? Do you think Jane and Jonathan will do the deed? Will Petra and Rafael get back together? What are Mutter and Rose planning?

Hopefully we’ll get some answers when the show returns on February 22nd.

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