Greetings! There was a lot going on in this episode with Jane and Rafael so let’s dive in!

We start with a young Jane, this time she’s in Catholic school, in her sex education class. Of course, the nuns’ only lesson about sex education was don’t do it. Period. So after class, since everyone has questions, Jane gives the explanation Alba gave her, the demonstration of the flower and how beautiful it is…the before sex flower…then squeezing the flower and ultimately destroying it…the after sex flower. But Lina (Jane’s friend and co-worker who has known her all this time) gives the real scoop to the group, because she has sisters who tell her everything.

Back to current day, Jane and Rafael have broken up so we are watching Jane as she displays the seven stages of grief: Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining (with God), Guilt, Depression, and Acceptance. But in Jane’s case, when she reaches the acceptance part, she thinks negotiation. So she goes to Rafael’s to discuss how they can work this out. She asks him what happened to make him come up with the decision to break up, because she knows it has to be something. He tells her nothing but she does not believe him. Before they could really talk about it, the baby shower team comes in, taking over the penthouse to get ready for Jane’s shower.




At Xo and Rogelio’s place, Rogelio is telling Xo that he is coming out with a song because he thinks he has a voice, and he wants her to be a part of it. She listens to him and tries to be supportive but the whole time she is feeling guilty for kissing Marco.

In Petra news, Roman has kidnapped Petra and they end up in a secluded cabin in the Everglades. Roman (we found out last episode that Roman was impersonating his twin brother) tells Petra he has no qualms about killing her if she tries to escape. After all, he killed his own twin brother. But back in Miami, Michael is on the hunt for Petra because he knows Roman has her.

Back at the Marbella, Jane is reminiscing over good times she had with Rafael, the first kiss five years ago when they first met, when she fell in the pool and he came after her, and their ultimate first kiss when they both realized how they really felt about each other, when there were mysterious rose petals falling from the sky (totally imaginary but romantic still). Lina asks Jane how things are with Rafael because she senses some tension (duh) and she tells Jane he was meeting with a mysterious lady the other night, when he broke up with Jane. Jane stalks the receipts and finds out that he met with his mother. That has to be the reason why he wanted to break up with her.

Break: Really not liking this new Rafael. Which I have said before but it is becoming quite clear that he is heading down a path…a path that is treacherous. And a path that he does not need to take Jane on. But I love him though.  I just want to know why is he doing this to us?! *sigh*

At Rafael’s, Jane asks Rafael why he didn’t tell her about meeting his mother. He tells her the whole story about his mother having to stay away because his father paid her to stay away. He continues with the “we want different things, we’re too different” mumbo jumbo. But Jane is all “I love you, you love me, we can work this out”. So she comes up with couples therapy, which she almost has to beg him to do.

At the therapy session, they give the therapist (Nia Vardalos, yay) a recap of their story, artificial insemination and all. They explain to her that they are having normal couple issues though, they are both very different and trying to navigate through this, and are having a hard time. She asks Rafael, “Do you want to fix this?”

Back at the cabin, Roman tells Petra he is working with Sin Rostro, trying to run things while she goes underground. He tells Petra that a lot of people are upset with Sin Rostro because of the plastic surgery scheme (this might be a set up for some interesting twists in the finale) so he has to go to Cuba to straighten some things out. Petra, concocting a plan in her head, all like “take me with you, we both want the same things” yada, yada, yada and then uses her powers of seduction to lure Roman to the bed, and of course, he falls for it.

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At the therapy session, the therapist gives her take on Jane and Rafael and sounds really positive. Jane is ecstatic because she loves the positive stuff. But the therapist says she senses some reluctance from Rafael, he seems emotionally unavailable. She tells him that only he can take care of that part, if he wants to work on this with Jane.

While Michael is figuring out where Roman has taken Petra, Andi calls him to check in and check on their relationship status. He tells her that he has mentioned Andi to Jane, so she knows that Jane knows who she is now. She realizes her plans might be foiled.

Back at the hotel, Jane arrives for her baby shower. She sees the guests and notices her writing group, which she doesn’t approve of as well as Andi.  Jane is not happy and confronts her. Andi apologizes but asks Jane not to say anything to Michael. Rogelio decides he wants to serenade everyone at the shower with a song. While he is singing, Amanda Elaine (Jane’s leader from her writing group) comes up and slaps Rogelio for leaving her lusting for him in Tampa! What?! Jane immediately tells Rogelio that he has to apologize to her, so he does. But while he is apologizing, she kisses him (now both Xo and Rogelio have confessions about kissing other people). Lina makes the celebratory toast to Jane and she asks her when her C-section is scheduled. Jane tells her she wasn’t planning on having one. Lina: “You’re going to lose your virginity to your baby?!” *eyes wide*

Break: First, Andi is about that mess. I think she is about to be a big problem and there is no telling what she has up her sleeve. Rafael is starting to show himself unworthy so if Jane wants to reconcile with Michael, I can see her trying to ruin all that. Second, it never even crossed my mind about Jane losing her virginity to her baby?! Has that ever been a topic of discussion, like anywhere? Who thinks of this stuff? It totally is legitimate but … this show. All. The. Twists. Let’s press on …

Back at the cabin, Petra gets out of the bed with Roman and immediately tries to sneak Roman’s phone away. She gets a phone call into the authorities but Roman catches her and tries to run after her. He catches up with her but she stabs him, almost by accident, the exact way that he killed his brother! Just as Petra is looking traumatized, Michael shows up and rescues her, taking her back to Miami. Andi calls Michael to try to explain to him about Jane before Jane gets to him.

At the shower, Rafael shows up with flowers for Jane. Jane is almost teary because she didn’t expect him to come but he tells her of course he was going to be there. They have to read off the answers to their couples’ quiz and as they are reading, Rafael realizes how much he really loves Jane and decides he wants to give it a go again (yay…for now).

As Jane and Rafael talk after the shower, they decide to do some of the exercises that the therapist recommended to them. Staring into each other’s eyes and spontaneous activities that lead to intimacy … neither one works out well so they say forget it. Jane suggests skinny dipping (uh oh). Of course, things get hot and heavy in the pool. Being naked will do that. So Jane tells Rafael that she loves him, she’s ready to lose her virginity. Rafael is surprised and asks her if she’s sure, she says yes. So he goes for it and just as they are about to go forward, security comes in and shines the light on them, ruining the mood.

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Break: This show is good for throwing in the unexpected. So I thought they were about to let Jane lose her virginity in a random episode. I am glad I was wrong. Now I was a little like Jane and her two little voices on her shoulders. I knew that this should not be happening, this is totally random, in a pool, in public, not special at all. And Rafael shouldn’t be agreeing to this.   But the other shoulder, I will admit, was a little bit excited. But I’m glad they didn’t finish. Really I am. It will be better for the series if she waits.*convincing myself*

Only a few more scenes to go…

Back at Alba’s, Jane is thinking about what she just did… or didn’t do. Xo comes in and tries to help her, telling her sex will not solve her and Rafael’s problems, but she needs to think about what will solve their problems. An ultimate compromise. At the station, Michael finds Sin Rostro’s zip drive that Roman had and it has all the drug distributors on it, and he sees his partner Nadine’s name on the list! Michael is hurt but has no choice but to tell the supervisors, he tells Nadine she has two hours to either confess or disappear.

At Rogelio and Xo’s photo shoot for the new song, Rogelio tells Xo that he kissed Amanda Elaine. She says it’s okay but later tells him that she kissed Marco. He is livid and tells her they are done.

Back in Petra’s apartment, Petra calls Rafael to get some comfort but he can’t talk to her because he is with Jane. So she finally breaks down and calls her mother.

At Rafael’s, Jane tries to convince Rafael that she has come up with a good compromise for them. They should move in together. Rafael tells her he doesn’t want to. He thinks they should break up. He doesn’t love her like she loves him (my heart is breaking, along with Jane’s). There is a flashback to Rafael meeting with the therapist on his own. He tells the therapist that he is having troubles that don’t include Jane right now, his father left the hotel to him while it’s in trouble, finding out about his mother, he just does not want to drag Jane down with him into his dark place. She doesn’t deserve that. And he realized this after he was about to have sex with her in the pool, knowing how much that meant to her. For him to just randomly agree to that, is not what Jane deserves. As the scene switches back to current time, he is adamant with Jane. He does not want to be together. They should concentrate on being parents now, that’s it. Jane is in tears and leaves. She sees Michael in the lobby after Michael is texting Andi to let her know he wants nothing to do with her now. Michael asks Jane why she didn’t say anything about Andi and she tells him, he was so happy, she didn’t want to ruin it, after she left him for Rafael so quickly. Alba comes up to the entrance to pick Jane up and she sees Petra meet and hug her mother. She immediately recognizes her, and tells Jane, that is the woman who pushed her down the stairs!

Man, this episode had a lot! I am glad we only have a few more episodes because this turmoil is making me anxious. What else does Andi have up her sleeve? What will Jane say to Petra about her mother pushing her grandmother down the stairs? Will Rogelio and Xo work it out? Is the door opening for Jane and Michael now that Rafael is … not the best thing for her right now? The bigger question, what will they all do when this baby comes?!

The countdown to the season finale begins….another new episode next week, see you then!


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