Well folks, we are almost at the end of the season. Couple things are brewing. You see the picture, right? Um hm. I don’t know how to feel about this but on to the business at hand. Here we go!

We open with Jane, five years ago, in high school, being late to a job fair when she had it written down in her planner for the wrong time. She runs into her mean girl aka bully Stephanie Kovakovich, who tells her you should know better than to leave your planner lying around for everyone to see, ha, ha. Stephanie had put down the wrong time so Jane would be late (traditional mean girl antics). Flashback to only one year ago, Jane with Michael, noticing on her website that Stephanie is struggling a little and Jane is happy. So Jane decides to head the high school reunion planning because after all, living well is the best revenge (Message!). But present time, Jane is talking to Lina, her childhood best friend, and telling her she doesn’t want to go to the high school reunion now. Lina tells her no backing out, besides what about Alex Mendez, her old high school crush? What about Mr. Beard, her favorite teacher? And what about Stephanie, Stephanie has deleted her Instagram so she must be looking really ugly. Her mother reminds her how accomplished she really is, even though she thinks she’s not. She changes her mind and decides to go.

At Rafael’s office, he tells Louisa that the hotel conglomerate group that is in charge of the Marbella has called a meeting to talk about selling off shares of the hotel and dissolving the company. He has to go to Spain to convince them otherwise. Jane sends Rafael an email while he is talking to Louisa, saying they need to talk. She doesn’t tell him this but she needs to talk to him about the custody suit she has filed. Rafael tells Louisa that he thinks he might have made a mistake, letting Jane go (duh, Rafael).

Back at Alba’s, Jane is getting ready to leave to talk to Rafael and Rogelio arrives to talk to Xo about their Vegas show. They are both still nervous around each other, but Rogelio tells her they need to get it together because their show has to be perfect.




When Jane arrives at the hotel, of course she runs into Petra and Magda, the main reason why she is filing for primary custody of the baby. Jane tells Magda she should be in jail but Magda just says leave her alone. As Petra and Magda leave, Petra tells Magda she hates the situation with Jane but she is growing so much closer to Rafael as a result. Jane tells Rafael that she has decided to file for primary custody of the baby. Rafael begs her not to do this, he will do anything he has to do for her to change her mind, if this about the baby’s safety and not about keeping him away from the baby (hmmm, Jane, think you need to raise your hand to that one)?

Back at Alba’s, Xo tells Jane that she does not need to let anger influence her decision to file primary custody. While they are talking, Michael calls Jane to tell her that he checked and Louisa is on the up and up, just like Rafael said. And Michael asks her to come to a ceremony that they are holding for him at work, as a friend of course. She agrees (well, well, well). At Rafael’s office, Petra brings him his favorite coffee to help him feel better. And, in true Petra style, she attempts to lend her ear to Rafael, to try to seem supportive (ulterior motives).

As Xo and Rogelio rehearse for their show, Rogelio gets upset as they are doing the lift for the big part in the show. He tells Xo that she is getting too swept up in the lift, and she needs to handle her feelings for him so the show can be perfect. At Michael’s ceremony, Jane congratulates him and Michael asks her out to dinner but Jane has to say no because she has to go to her high school reunion. While she is getting ready to go in to the party, she runs into Petra. Petra tries to convince her that Jane does not have to worry about her; she will not harm the baby. Jane wonders whether or not she should trust Petra, yet again. As she is thinking that over, Lina finds her and they enter the party. She talks to everybody, trying to convince everybody that she’s happy, even though she’s single and pregnant. She runs into her high school crush, and as soon as he sees that she’s pregnant, he runs.

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Back at Alba’s, Xo tells Alba how crazy Rogelio is being because of a stupid lift dance move. Alba tells her that she noticed at the shower that Rogelio might be afraid of heights. She might need to ask him. Back at the reunion, Jane gives her speech. It starts out good but ends up as a freak out speech, telling everyone she is more than a pregnant belly. Then labor pains start! In the middle of the stage! But that was a dream. Jane starts her actual speech. It’s short and sweet, all about life not being about the failed plans but about the unexpected rewards, blah, blah, blah. And Jane walks off the stage, feeling just as unspectacular as her speech was.

Just as Jane is about to leave the reunion, she runs into her bully, Stephanie. She comments on how big Jane is (another mean girl tactic). But then Stephanie apologizes for being so mean to her in high school. And admits it was all because of a boy. She told Jane she sabotaged Jane with a boy she liked by using her mother, Jane’s ultimate vulnerability. She spread the rumors about her mother because she knew that would hurt Jane, and ultimately get Stephanie what she needed, Jane focused on her mother and not the boy Stephanie was trying to steal from her (the mind of a mean girl).

Back at rehearsals, Xo tells Rogelio he needs to admit he is afraid of heights. Rogelio tells her he’s not afraid of anything except acne and chameleons (Ha!). He breaks down and admits he is scared … but he does not want to admit it to anybody else because he does not want the reputation of being difficult again (The one character I will probably miss the most this summer, that Rogelio). Later, as they have to do the lift for the director, Rogelio is about to have a major breakdown. Xo senses it and yells out to the director that she has to stop, she is afraid of heights. The director immediately listens and they stop the lift to work out another plan. Rogelio thanks her (maybe a hint that Rogelio will stop with this nonsense and get back together with Xo).

Back at Alba’s, Jane is on the computer and gets a message from Michael, checking on how the reunion went. They talk back and forth and start texting back and forth all night. Eventually, they start talking on the phone. Jane tells him her issues she is having, finding time to write. And Michael tells her the honest truth, she is being too hard on herself. Her ten pages a day requirement is too much, she just started back writing. She needs to give herself enough time to get there. That should be a goal, she needs to come up with a plan to get there and follow it instead of rushing it. Michael tells her about the issue with his partner and she supports him, even though she doesn’t know the details. She knows Michael will always do the right thing. They both think how this feels like old times. But they both get off the phone, before it gets out of hand (shaking my head, season finale next week, how out of hand are we going to get…I wonder).

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Jane wakes up excited because she has decided to apply to a graduate program for writing. Alba and Xo tell her that’s a good decision, how did she come up with it? She tells them that she talked to Michael last night and it clarified some things for her. They both look at each other and smile. Later at Jane’s doctor’s appointment, Jane and Rafael find out the baby is five and a half pounds and still on track for her due date in three weeks. Rafael asks the doctor if he will be okay going to Spain for the next three days. The doctor tells him that babies come when they want to (Amen!) but he should be okay. After the appointment, Jane tells Rafael she needs to talk to him, about the custody thing.

Back at the hotel, Rafael sees Petra and thanks her for talking to Jane but she is still not giving up the custody thing because Magda is still going to be living in the hotel and Jane feels uncomfortable with that. Petra grabs Rafael’s hands to hold and apologizes. Rafael starts to take her hand too–but then apologizes–if there wasn’t all this drama going on with Jane.  Petra says she understands. So, Petra immediately goes up to her room and tells Magda she has to turn herself in to Michael for pushing Alba down the stairs. Magda is upset but Petra tells her she will be able to plea and after all of it is over, Petra will take care of her. But……

Flashback to what Jane actually said at the doctor’s appointment about custody. She tells Rafael she wants to forget the whole custody thing. But she still wants Magda arrested.  She explains to Rafael that he is Petra’s vulnerability (using the mean girl tactic, smart Jane) and Petra will do anything to get Rafael back, even turning her mother in. Rafael is shaking his head but listening. They come up with a plan to trick Petra into making her mother go to jail. Jane also tells him that she is starting to accept that they are not together anymore. And that she probably was guilty of using her anger to hold the baby against him. But she is over that now. Rafael looks sad that she says she is over him…but says nothing.

When Jane goes home, Rafael tells Louisa that he is not going to Spain; he can’t take any chances with Jane being so close to her due date. Louisa tells him that is a good decision but he needs to do something else, tell Jane his real feelings. In the meanwhile, Jane goes home to tell Alba and Xo the good news, Magda is going to jail. Michael comes over to celebrate with them and starts talking to Jane alone. While they are talking, Rafael calls Jane’s cell phone but Xo intercepts the call! And doesn’t tell Jane about it!

As Jane and Michael are talking, he tells her in a perfect world, he would want more than friendship from her but he’s cool with it. He asks her if she’s sure that’s all she wants and Jane says yes. but her eyes are saying something totally different.

Okay, kids! We are down to the last one next week. I am ready! Hoping to get a resolution to at least some of this stuff that is hanging in the air but from several articles and previews we are about to be hit with a shocking/revealing/surprising twist.  What do you think it is?!

See you next week, same time, same place!



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