Writer:  Kelly Thompson
Artist:  Sophie Campbell
Colorist:  M. Victoria Robado
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
Release Date:  May 25, 2016

Things were getting so good in the last issue, I’m just going to dive right in…

At the end of issue #14 things were looking bad for our girls.  Issue #15 starts with the most adorable, squee-worthy thing ever…baby Holograms!  It’s a flashback scene where baby Jerrica, Kimber, Shana, and Aja are having a grand time ripping and running for their father’s birthday…but dear old dad is too busy working to join in on the fun.



Their mom, Jaqui, isn’t having it.  She’s a supportive wife, but she calls him on his crap when his work pulls him away from the important family moments and spending his birthday with four little girls who love him is one of those moments.  He agrees, but he’s worried about an insidious virus in his program that he hasn’t been able to get rid of.  While the ‘rents are talking, young Jerrica is doing some eavesdropping and gets spooked by what her dad said.  In her attempt to run back to her sisters, she slips on a water gun, smacks her head, and falls into the pool.  The last thing she sees is her mom calling her name, then we jump back to the present day with Synergy calling her name.

Jerrica’s now awake and Synergy is giving her the 411 on Silica.  Synergy put Jerrica and her sisters to sleep to protect.  The rest of the girl wake up and Synergy starts apologizing and blaming herself for Silica’s existence because Silica is a corruption of her program that has been there all the time.  The girls shut the blame game down and decide to focus on what’s important—stopping Silica.



Synergy explains that Silica is no longer a part of her program, so shutting her down won’t do anything to stop Silica.  However, Silica is still just a program, so if they can find out where she’s stored they can shut her down.  Jerrica wants to keep her from spreading by pulling all their songs from the internet, but like love, it’s a losing game according to Synergy.  She takes them down; Silica puts them back up.  Oh, and Silica’s end game is some Pinky and the Brain “I’m going to take over the world” type ish.  Lame.

Over on The Misfits’ bus, Jetta and Roxy are freaking out because Blaze and Clash are infected.  Stormer brings The Holograms over to help.  No one is really sure what to do, so in the meantime they decide to tie Blaze and Clash up and store them in the bedroom.  Kimber gets stuck with the babysitting job.

Cut to the members of The Sickness seemingly regaining their senses…but it’s a short lived victory.  Silica gets ahold of them and they’re quickly back in zombie mode.  Meanwhile, Blaze and Clash are trying to convince Kimber to join them (and Silica) and become the star of her own band, but she doesn’t want to hear any of it.  Jerrica and Stormer discuss how to jolt Clash and Blaze out of it instead of waiting for it to wear off.  While they’re thinking about what to do, Techrat (who has been called in by Eric), has figured out how Silica works.



Stormer can’t stand seeing Blaze and Clash like zombies a second longer and lucky for her (unlucky for Clash and Blaze), Jetta and Roxy know exactly what could scare them and jolt them out of Silica’s control.  They disappear into the bedroom and soon emerge with a pissed off, but normal, Blaze and Clash duo in tow.  Now they all know the plan works, but to save everyone else they’ll need something on a large scale.  They’re having trouble thinking of something, but there’s someone who know exactly what to do, and they walk into the room right on time.  Who is that, you ask?  You’ll have to read it to find out and I promise you it’s worth it.

Another stellar issue from what is quickly becoming my favorite comic team.  The story is rolling along quite nicely at this point, and the little surprise at the end was really well done (seriously, read it).  We still have an epic showdown looming on the horizon…something tells me things are about to get complicated really soon.



cherra hampton mitchell


Cherra Hampton-Mitchell is a grant writer by day, blerd by birthright, internet junkie, and chronic sufferer of wanderlust. In her spare time she likes to live tweet television shows and make apocalypse survival plans. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr – @WildYoungCharm