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Rising Star Jeanna Lue Explains Why Her Show HUNTERS Deserves Your Support!

Rising Star Jeanna Lue Explains Why Her Show HUNTERS Deserves Your Support!

By: Angel Jeter

Jeanna Lue is the creator of HUNTERS, a diverse dramatic action web series about a woman in search of truth and justice for her deceased parents, and women stepping into their power while controlling their destiny.

Black Girl Nerds: What inspired you to create HUNTERS?

Jeanna Lue: Generally, as an actor, I’ve always heard about the importance of creating my own work and after gaining some traction in the indie action industry, I felt it was time. What specifically inspired me to create HUNTERS is my love for the action/adventure/sci-fi genre and wanting to create a role unlike any I’ve portrayed or seen before in this particular genre. We all know there is ample room for more gender and ethnic diversity in action films, so having a diverse cast and crew was also really important for me.

BGN: Why did you create an Indiegogo for HUNTERS instead of trying to pitch it to a network to get produced?

JL: As simplistic as it may sound, I really didn’t think about pitching the show at all.  I just wanted to create [it] and see how people would react to the story.  After releasing the episode and getting such a great response, I just wanted to continue the momentum and keep creating. However, I’m definitely open to pitching.  

BGN: How did you go about finding your cast and crew?

JL: I’m always paying attention and observing whether I’m on set or on the train going to my job. So, I tapped a few actors I worked with on other projects who I felt had talent and good energy (both are equally as important on set).  I also asked a few others I hadn’t worked with, but met at auditions or actor events, to read.  

BGN: Was HUNTERS your first lead acting role?

JL: No, my first series lead (and current) role was for an urban sci-fi action series on YouTube called Body Jumpers Resurrection by Alex Fernandez.  I’m also a lead in a feature action film that should be wrapping by the fall.  

BGN: Who wrote the script for HUNTERS?

JL: I’m the writer, co-director, executive producer, and editor of HUNTERS Episode 1. I will definitely continue as writer and executive producer, but I plan to bring on an assistant director and maybe an editing associate.

BGN: When did you get into doing stunts?  

JL: I’ve been training and doing stunts in the Indie action world for about 5 years now. I worked with ASC Troopers Touch Entertainment on SEALS Domestic Warfare 1 & 2, Open Asset, and The Carrier (a short, which won Best Film at the Winter Film Awards 48-HR challenge).  

BGN: On the link to your acting reel, are they all movies you self-produced?

JL: The only project I’ve produced is HUNTERS, Episode 1.

BGN: As a biracial woman, how do you feel HUNTERS portrays your cultural heritage?

JL: Simply casting Black and Chinese parents accurately portrays my heritage. You rarely see Black-Asian couples or children in film or TV, so having that dynamic present in HUNTERS was extremely important. In the coming episodes of HUNTERS, however, there won’t be much on Nadira’s bi-racial experience primarily because that isn’t the focus of the series. I also feel that in 2017, being biracial or multiracial isn’t weird or strange as it was before — now it’s normal and accepted. If HUNTERS were set in 2000, then there would definitely be scenes addressing Nadira’s experience of being of mixed descent.  

The coming 6 episodes of HUNTERS will include action and sci-fi elements. Episode 2 will focus on Nadira’s journey to becoming an official hunter for an elite covert organization designed to hunt individuals that have evaded the US justice system.

Episode 1 is currently on YouTube: and Jeanna is currently hosting a crowdfunding for Episode 2 with Indiegogo with only 12 days left.

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