We’re back for another installment of Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell’s Jem and The Holograms comic which is making waves everywhere among both comic book fans and Jem fans!  The opening of issue two features a set performed by The Misfits of “Attack The Night”.  The latest single from the adversarial rock band.  Lindsey Pierce makes her debut under her stage name Lin-Z in an interview with The Misfits.  Many fans of the show remembers the blonde haired veejay that would interview music stars with her famed orange headband.  It was awesome to see Lindsey dressed exactly the way she appeared in the 80s animated series.




We also get the opportunity to see the new Jetta aka Sheila Burns who is now Black.  Christy Marx told us on the #BGNPodcast, that Jetta was originally supposed to be Black in the hit Hasbro cartoon.  We finally get to see Christy’s vision come alive in the comics and Sheila Burns is FIYA!




Another debut in issue #2 is from Rio Pacheco.  In the TV series, Rio was the boyfriend of Jerrica Benton and kind-of-sort-of boyfriend to Jem at the same time.  The love triangle between Jerrica Benton, Rio Pacheco and Jem is one of the greatest mysteries of all animated fiction.  Rio is dressed in his famed gray coat, which in my opinion is reminiscent of a members-only jacket.  Sophie’s version is a bit more contemporary, but it’s clearly inspired by the original artwork.  It’s pretty clear that both Thompson and Campbell are working to keep the source material relevant, but still maintain a modern day take on the story and the look of the characters.  It’s balanced out pretty well.  One example of how they keep it modern, is the culture of Twitter is prominent in this issue.  In the past Jem and the Holograms kept a connection with their fans, by reading articles in magazines written about them or watching Lindsey Pierce on TV chatting about record sales.  However, now that Twitter is the new conduit for direct connections to fans, Kimber is excited when she receives massive notifications from fans about their latest single.

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley's 'Beyoncé in Formation: Remixing Black Feminism' is Lemonade Literature




There is some strong interaction with Jerrica and Shana as well in this issue and can I just say that Shana Elmsford’s hair is everything?  I want her gorgeous curly purple tendrils when I grow up! I don’t want to reveal too much, because I want you to be as surprised as I was, but we also see some other debut appearances from beloved characters that we remember from the 80s series.

Flirtation is in the air among various characters and a huge cliffhanger at the end for one couple, who’s relationship may prove to have some rocky ups and downs for all parties involved in this story.

The song lyrics from The Misfits felt very much like some of the songs I remember hearing from the cartoon.  The antagonistic lyrics are exactly what I expect to hear from a Misfits song.  Campbell again makes the mark with her stunning artwork, and I could literally stare at Shana’s hair all day, that’s how incredible she’s illustrated.  The beginning of the comic does a fine job of giving us a recap from issue #1 before we dive into the next adventure.  This was quite reminiscent of the format of the original TV show which gets bonus points from me.


Issue #2 is scheduled to be released by IDW Publishing on 4/29/15