I want to end on a positive note, so I’m going to share my thoughts with you about the #JemTheMovie trailer and then follow up with a review of issue #3 Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell’s Jem and the Holograms comic.

Twitter always keeps me posted on all the latest news about Jem, and when I got a tweet sent to me with the link to the new Jem and The Holograms movie, I was so incredibly disappointed.  I’ve written articles before about my contempt for this remake as well as an open letter apology to Aurora Perrineau when she believed her Blackness was being questioned after many fans and I pointed out the obvious issue of colorism with respect to Shana Elmsford’s character.  I’ve spent a great deal of time with this property; because like many of you out there, I am an impassioned fan who loved the 80’s Hasbro cartoon series growing up.  However, I find it to be truly truly truly outrageous (and not in a good way) that the only thing that this film shares with the original source material is the name alone.

I went to YouTube again to watch the trailer and left a comment on their site.  I rarely post YouTube comments, but this one I felt was necessary to show the Universal Pictures account, as well as other rabid fans out there, how much of a disservice the filmmakers have done to this beloved series by making this trailer trash.  If you want to subject yourself to seeing this pile of crap, check out the trailer here.


This is my YouTube comment below


This movie is an insult to any fan of Jem and the Holograms. It’s sad, because this potentially could have been an inspiring story for young girls and women. But instead you did the following:

1. You took your own liberties.
2. Excluded Christy Marx in the embryonic phase (in which she was pitching a Jem remake for years but was ignored by Hasbro)
3. Reminded ALL of us that colorism is real in Hollywood, by casting a super light and bright straight-haired Shana Elmsford
4. ERASED The Misfits
5. Had little to no insight from female creatives and had 3 dudebros make this movie instead
6.Lied to fans stating they would have feedback and opportunities to be cast in the film, when really you were just using social media as a way to crowdsource publicity.
7. Have led all of us to believe this movie will suck by including a One Direction song as the tag song for the trailer as opposed to…I don’t know maybe the theme music to the Jem instead?
8. FINALLY reached out to Christy Marx, Samantha Newark, and Britta Phillips after I and many fans on social media demanded you to
9. Synergy is not even in the trailer, Jem doesn’t have her earrings, and from what I’ve heard in the rumor mill— the Synergy that will appear in the film looks like Eve from Wall-E
10. You fail to acknowledge how much of a fuck up this movie was while in the process of making it

Congrats. You have ruined one of the most iconic properties to fans everywhere.

So there is that.  None of us can change the monstrosity that is #JemTheMovie, but we can use this film as an example for a larger conversation about the exclusion of women in Hollywood.  My tweet says it all right here:

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Now. Let’s move onto issue #3 of Jem and the Holograms written and illustrated by two lovely women who are completely in sync with the fandom community!

So if you remember from issue #2 of Jem, Pizzazz discovers Kimber and Stormer getting cozy with one another at a local coffee shop.  Phyllis is naturally enraged and makes a scene which ends up being televised for all to see.  It is at this moment we discover more about Stormer’s relationship with Phyllis as well as the other Misfits.  Rio and Jerrica go on their first date and Kimber reveals to Aja her feelings about Stormer.  Shana Elmsford is rocking some gorgeous Senegalese twists and I just personally want to tip my hat off to Sophie Campbell for that awesome hairstyle change.




Rio begins to learn more about Jerrica and her insecurity issues, and we meet a new character in the comic–who is not new to us 80s Jem fans since this is a canon character–but new to anyone who recently was introduced to the Jem and The Holograms universe.  This character has been known to be a tea brewer and stir a lot of trouble for Jem and The Holograms.  Let’s just say this character’s name is also synonymous with a mismatch of colors.  There is another new character created exclusively by the IDW team named “Blaze” who is also a colleague of The Misfits.  In this issue, she works diligently to plan some shenanigans to help sabotage the band’s success and devises a plan to help The Misfits triumph. Will The Misfits succeed?  We’ll wait for issue #4 to help us find out!

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