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Imagine a world where everyone consciously did the right thing, and acted conscientiously towards one another, with or without an entity there to monitor us to constantly do the right thing and eschew all forms of evil and injustice.

JUNE 12 ISSUE 1 full version


June XII is Justice made flesh. It is the living, breathing entity that fights all forms of corruption and injustice. It inspires in us the desire to do what is right and shun any form of wrong doing.

JUNE 12 ISSUE 1 full version

It demands from us a certain level of love, patriotism, respect and loyalty to ourselves first and our nation second if we hope to build a unified world.


JUNE 12 ISSUE 1 full version


It brings home the fact that unless one man decides to do the right thing, we shall remain divided, stagnated and eventually regressive.

June XII is the hope that with the right elements in place the world can be a better place.

The team behind hopes June XII inspires in you the same spirit of patriotism that it inspired in them.




 Why are you looking for the dead among the living?…

Vortex brings you another

Strike Guard portrays Nigerian art with a truly Nigerian element of spiritual powers.

  • Variant Cover By Sunkanmi Akinboye
  • Poster – By Sunkanmi Akinboye
  • Pages – By Stanley Obende & Raphael Kazeem


strikeVariant cover

It emphasizes on how out of the dark dreary times, something good fulfilling can be born. It follows the life of young Abolaji Coker, a university under graduate who through an unfortunate encounter with the cultists in his school, ends up dead and resurrects with an ancient war hero as his alter ego.



Together they fight as one unit the enemies from Ajagbeja’s past, as well as the new threats to the world.

It also follows the love story of Bolaji and Chi chi as they try to figure out relationship and the strain his secret puts on their relationship.




It highlights the importance of letting go of past hurts and wrongs done to us, as this can be very dangerous and destructive to our lives and the lives of those around us.

“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go, it’s learning to start over.”

Nicole Sibon