It seems odd to seek escape from my own people’s struggles in something that mirrors modern life in some of the worst ways, but at least with a scripted drama, you know the good guys will most likely win the day. It’s a comforting feeling in these demoralizing times.

Dutch’s hero’s journey started in season 1 when Alvis told her that she would soon have to choose a side – the Company or Westerley. It’s clear to anyone watching, Dutch has made her choice even if she is in a bit of denial. The team makes good on their vow to get back into Old Town. However, a simple recon and rescue mission becomes a whole lot more complicated when they encounter a ruthless, sadistic enemy.


Something … strange is going on.



Previously on Killjoys: The Company bombed Old Town and put the survivors behind an impenetrable energy fence. Pawter, Alvis, and Hills were trapped inside. During Dav’s incarceration on Arkyn, he experienced a memory/vision of Dutch slaughtering Scarbacks in battle.


Wild, Wild Westerley

Dutch walks into her room and looks at herself in the mirror. She throws something down on the ground beside her. When she bends down to pick it up, her reflection continues to stand, and look down on her. Then it looks up with a knowing smirk. She jumps back up gasping, but it turns back into her reflection devoid of its own agenda.

Yeah. I don’t know either.

Dav walks in. She asks him what made him think she was the person in his vision. He says that he saw her face “It’s a good face.” Awww Dav still pines.


Turin still works at the RAC despite being skewered by Khlyen.  Team Awesome as he snarkily names them, fly into action upon seeing him alive and well. They flip him on his back and Dav snatches off his wound’s dressing. All the while Turin is muttering hilariously. His wound has not healed. He’s not Level6. Whoops!

Turin doesn’t trust them either, thinks they’re in bed with Khlyen but he reinstates Dav to their team and gives them a warrant for Old Town at their request. Keep your enemies close.

I love how Pree is a wanted criminal that never gets arrested.


Like any self respecting tech geek, Johnny really likes the wall around Old Town. The Wall doesn’t so much like them because they’re in the company of Big Daddy Skrimshaw himself, Pree. He is an unauthorized addition to their compliment so the wall tazers them.


The Company’s man, Officer Liam Jelco has strung them up in Spring Hill, the bio-dome he’s set up outside the wall. Dav attempts some maneuver to yank himself free but Jelco enters the room with some guards. They banter, Dutch frees her damn self because of course she does. Jelco lets the others go.

The Warrant. One of the Company’s bombers crashed into a wing of Westhole Prison. Eight men escaped. A former miner union leader, turned freedom fighter, Tarren Timon, is the chief target.


“It gets darker from here…”

The devastation on the streets of Old Town is palpable.

A jerk named Garen has taken over Pree’s watering hole. Dutch sends Dav to look for signs of Pawter and Johnny to search the crowd for any of the 8 on their warrant. She takes it upon herself to create a distraction by challenging Garen and his huge veiny arms to a fight.

There is no sign of Pawter, but Johnny found one of the escapees. Dutch finishes the fight by crippling Garen and getting on with her mission. Unfortunately, the target blows his head off rather than allow himself to be used against Timon. Oh boy…


Westhole Prison has seen better days. Mummified corpses sit in each cell of the half ruined building. A quick alien fake out and a commercial break later, we meet Carl. The lone guard followed procedure and pushed a red button when the prison break started. Instead of releasing knockout gas like he thought, it released a gas that turned everyone into mummies. Ooookay… Timon had already escaped when Carl pressed the button but he came back to clean out the arms closet and steal the spare tank of mummy gas. Oh.

Dutch tries to get Jelco to evacuate Old Town but he won’t because he’s evil and so is the Company he works for, which makes mummy gas and uses it on prisoners.

This is their neutral Killjoy faces, I’m guessing.


The team finds Pawter holed up in a tenement treating patients. She’s been working nonstop since the bombing. After examining the corpse they brought, Pawter tells them that the best way to survive the gas is to swallow a lake. Well… ok then. She has secreted Hills away from the hoards of people who want to kill any Company personnel on sight. She takes the team to see him.

Hills tells them that the mummy gas is called ‘aridity solution’ and gives them some background on Jelco. His resume is basically torture and henchmanning.  Johnny tells Pawter that contacting her mother and getting The Nine involved would be more effective than her lone doctor set up. I’m confused because I thought Delle Seyah Kendry killed a bunch of those families and pinned it on the Scarbacks. If her mom survived the DNA bomb, wouldn’t that make her part of the Kendry’s coups? Eh, moving on.


Back on the streets of Old Town, Alvis uses himself as bait to draw out an assailant. He subdues the man and robs him for medical supplies to give to Pawter. Dutch finds him and they have a warm reunion before she asks him to take her to Timon. I want the flashback episode when Dutch fled to the Quad and met all these people she trusts, loves, and protects.


Pawter is as amenable to Garen’s threats as Dutch was.


Alvis takes the team to Timon. Timon will allow Dutch to fill her warrant if she can negotiate the safe release of all the miners and their families. Dutch steadfastly wants to put up her shield of neutrality, but Timon doesn’t want to hear all that. He even chin checks Alvis hiding behind his religion rather than fighting on the front lines for what’s right like he use to.  This scene is particularly powerful. I don’t think you can be a Black person in America and not have some part of this scene hit you where you live during these times of unrest and repression.

Dutch agrees to speak on their behalf under the auspices of the warrant, but is saved from having to do so when the Company swoops down with a gun ship and riddles Timon with bullets. Yep, kinda saw that coming.


Hills agrees with Johnny, Pawter should go talk to her mom. He is willing to escort her and turn himself in to Jelco for the crime of warning Old Town about the bombing and abandoning his post. She doesn’t have much faith in her family, but Hills has faith in her. Awww.


Jelco demands that Dutch return the gas canister to him. She begs to differ, she served the warrant, and she wants out of Old Town. He instead puts a bounty on the tank of gas and Dutch’s head.


KJ 2-2DutchAngry    KJ 2-2 JohnnyWhat

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The team returns to The Royale. They find trackers on their clothes and ask Pree to flush them. Jelco was playing them from the start. Earlier, Johnny had asked Lucy to map the tunnels underground. Alvis finds the spot on the map where the bio-dome’s sewer system must be. Dutch invites Pree along but he wants to stay in Old Town, his home. I will miss him on Lucy, but I’m happy he’s home.


Pawter and Hills arrive at the Spring Hill Bio-dome. Hills is proud of what he did to save those he could in Old Town. Hills submits to a probable court-martial unafraid. Jelco is a murderous lizardman, so he shoots him in the head instead.

“What the hells?!”

As Dutch, Alvis, and Dav are traversing the sewers, Alvis mentions that the Scarbacks haven’t been on Arkyn for over 200 years. That’s not relevant now, but I’m sure it will be significant later. When they are close to Spring Hill’s access point, Alvis gives them the slip. He locks them out of a ventilation room and sends the aridity solution up to the bio-dome.

Timon’s words affected Alvis. Sitting and praying instead of standing and doing was wracking him with guilt. Dutch pleads with him not to commit mass murder, but it all falls on deaf ears until Johnny runs up telling them that Pawter and Hills are in Spring Hill trying to appeal to the Nine Families. Alvis reverses the airflow and the gas fills the chamber where he is.

Johnny hacks the lock on the door. Dav puts on the gas mask he got from Carl, the prison guard and football tackles Alvis into a big vat of sewer water. Ew. It’s touch and go for a while, but once the gas dissipates, Dutch comes in and helps hold Alvis down in the water long enough for him to re-hydrate. He’s still not breathing when they pull him up so Dutch and Johnny perform CPR. Alvis survives. I cheer. Dutch punches him. *snort*

A sadistic fascist regime throttles the powerless into submission. That sounds strangely familiar.


Dutch confronts Jelco in his Spring Hill office. Why is he even here? The Company closed the mines. There are no workers to oversee. Jelco calls his operation “image management.” The Old Town rebels’ attack made the Nine look weak. Jelco’s job is to starve them and deprive them of any supplies so that they finally break and in their desperation admit to the rest of the Quad that they need the Company. This will quell any rumblings of rebellion in other quarters. Then and only then, will the Company take down the wall. Jelco is such a chilling character because he has existed throughout human history, and has been at the head of many atrocities wearing different names and faces.

Johnny demands freedom for Hills and Pawter. Pawter reveals that she’s staying in Spring Hill because she can be useful there. It’s unclear if Jelco is not-so subtly making her his prisoner and if so what leverage he has to do so. It’s also unclear what Pawter can do since Jelco has made his game plan quite clear.  Johnny sneaks a comm behind her ear, masking it with a passionate kiss. Even if she’s staying in the lions den, she’s not alone.


Good music has returned to The Royale! Revelers are dancing and drinking and sexing their troubles away. Garen hobbles up to the bar and for the third time tries to intimidate somebody with his little raggedy ass Crocodile Dundee knife. Child what?! Anyway, Pree puts said knife through Garen’s hand and does the most darling carefree, hip-swaying dance you ever did see.


Dutch ministers to Alvis in the cargo hold of Lucy. She invites him to stay and help her find some truth. He accepts.


Lucy goes off course and heads back to Westerley. They think it’s Khlyen, but it’s Turin. He wants to talk to them in private, away from RAC spies. His posturing in the RAC earlier was just that, posturing. Spies fill the RAC’s ranks still. Turin offers to partner with the team. He has information he’s been culling together since Khlyen arrived at the Quad. He will also give them ”unsanctioned warrants’ that will bring them all answers.


This is a man with a mission… and a beautiful head of hair.